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Buffalo Niagara

Some news from Purple

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Greetings again Bob, I again have the honor of presenting some additions to the Purple Unity family. It is with honor I present the Blue Turtles Alliance, Paladins of Freedom, and The Brotherhood as new additions to our P.E.A.C.E. Economic and ODP treaty:


P.E.A.C.E Economic Treaty & oAoDP

Code of Conduct

I) Commitment to have sixty percent (60%) of the alliance's nations on Purple within thirty (30) days of membership. II) Prohibition against “raid*” style warfare against any Purple Sphere nation. III) Support for Poseidon in Senate matters. IV) Economic participation on P.E.A.C.E forums, specifically trades and tech programs.

Article I: Trade

Member alliances shall work for the economic benefit of all signatories, Poseidon, and Pegasus members. To facilitate this goal, the member alliances shall participate in a central system (known as P.E.A.C.E forums) to establish trades and technology deals.

Article II: Senators

Member alliances recognize the need to work cooperatively in matters regarding the Purple Senate to ensure the interests of all signatories and Pegasus members. As such, any member alliance with fifty (50) purple members, or more, is eligible for Purple Senate seat rotation. Also PEACE only signatories shall be given a spot in the senate rotation upon request on the Purple Unity forums. Provided that they have spent 6 months in PEACE, have a minimum of 50 purple nations, 60% of their alliance on purple and are not vetoed by a majority of Poseidon in doing so.

Article III: Nonaggression and Friendship

Signatories (both member alliances and Poseidon members) shall not take unprovoked aggressive actions, military or otherwise, against each other. The signatories agree to treat each other with respect and courtesy in all public and private channels of communications and will refrain from public comments that are harmful or hostile toward the unity and strength of the constituent alliances. As such, the signatories will deal with any and all differences through private communications.

Article IV: Conduct

Member alliances agree to represent the Purple Sphere speech in an honorable way and shall not engage in any espionage, fraud or other dishonorable actions against other alliances. Further, the member alliances agree to inform the Poseidon alliances of any major treaty or diplomatic development.

Article V: Membership

Membership is open to alliances that meets the following conditions. A majority of the alliance's nations are located on the Purple Sphere, or; The alliance requires or encourages its nations to be located on the Purple Sphere. The alliance has at least 10 members or a total of 250,000 nation strength. The alliance is not involved in a military conflict with any other alliance. The alliance has maintained good relations with other member alliances. Membership may be granted to alliances that meet these conditions by a 75% majority vote amongst PEACE & Poseidon alliances. Alliances have 48 hours to vote following a week long discussion, otherwise their vote is waived.

Article VI: War

a: In the event of a defensive war, the other signatories are highly encouraged to support the engaged signatories military, economically, and/or politically to said signatories.

b: If one the PEACE alliances engages an offensive war, the other Signatory Alliances are encouraged to provide military, financial, and/or political assistance should the request for it be made and deemed just by the signatories.

Article VII: Withdrawal and Expulsion

Member alliances are free to withdraw from the agreement at any time, provided they have given seventy-two (72) hours written notice to all other member alliances.

Any violation of Articles I, II , III, or IV of this agreement shall give the Poseidon alliances cause to expel a member alliance from this agreement immediately. Expulsion not due to a violation of Articles I, II, III or IV shall require seventy-two (72) hours notice to the expelled member. Expulsion shall require a majority vote of the Poseidon alliances.

* Raid refers to wars started primarily for the purpose of statistical gain or boredom. This does not limit signatories to defensive actions or carrying out punishments as these are sovereign actions.

Signatories :


NobodyExpects, Trium

moshea, Trium

topgun0820, Trium

For Invicta

Jorost of the Triune Republic, President

For the Legion

King William IV, Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Arbiter, Minister of Economics

Xineoph, Minister of Internal Affairs

totem, Minister of Defense

Lincongrad, Speaker of the House

For the Mighty Armed States of Honor

Col. Fitswilliam - Commanding Officer

RpR Francheezi - Executive Officers

Bedford Forrest - Foreign Affairs Officer

Kazanecki - Deputy Foreign Affairs Officer

Flonker - Senior Drill Instructor

Justavictim82 - Deputy Drill Instructior

Dran - Enlistment Officer

Gorrillaballz - Deputy Enlistment Officer

IBurnmyCD - Economic Officer

zachb - Deputy Economic Officer


Stetson of Axeland, Grand FUBAR

Drall of Phyrexia, Power Behind the Throne

Heheurfunny of Land of Hehe, Director of Damage Control

Madam CaVi of Spehan, Director of Illicit Affairs

Hlaine Larkin of Reikland, Director of Making Nations Rich

President S O of Replubic of Austra, Director of Alliance Relations

For The United Purple Nations

Altheus, Founder of the UPN

Hansarius, Chancellor

Warlord_Nazrag, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Becks For Dinner, Minister of Internal Affairs

Magister_Agricolarum, Minister of Defense

Abdur, Minister of Recruitment:

Ancient Iago, Minister of Communications

DonVox, Minister of Finances

For Valhalla

Chefjoe, Regent

The Pansy, Poseidon Representative

Yavanna, Poseidon Representative

Seipher Caim, DMoFA/Poseidon Representative

For AoD Brigade

Amaryllis, Empress

Kellory, Deputy Brigade leader

Makoto Kousaka, MoIA

Mirreille, MoFA

For Olympus

Buffalo Niagara, Titan

queenhailee, Titan

Mississippigurlie, Titan

Masons Child, Titan

Martys_three_girls, Titan

For North American Confederacy

Hellbilly, President

Shavar, Vice President

Rooivaulk, Secretary of State

Advena, Secretary of Internal Affairs

DeGeneral, Secretary of Defense

Diablo626, Secretary of Finance

Signed for Paladins of Freedom:

BigZ(PaladinZ), Speaker of the Gods (President)

Mercs2foru, Enforcer of the Will (Vice President with Muscle)

Megametal26, Minister of Internal Affairs

Hiddenshadows, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Bearcrawl, Bahamut Minister of WAR

RedDawn, Ravenqueen Ministry of Justice

Kazzi, Ravenqueen Ministry of Justice

Raiden, Minister of Commerce

Steeldor, Evangelist

Blue Turtle Alliance

Master-Debater- Oracle

Lord Golgothor- Colsul

The Brotherhood

Guardian666, Commander In Chief

Linkkjm, General of the Armed Forces

PresidentSO, General of the Exteria

Swillmaster, General of the Interia

ADude, Assistant General of the Interia

With the addition of our fine brothers and sisters Purple Unity is getting stronger:


And now a special announcement from Purple Unity:

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Hello fellow Purple Sphere neighbours, friends and brothers,

A few months ago, the idea of awards for our sphere was announced and praised among us all. Today is results day. It took several months and 16 alliances but we’re ready to announce it.

Consider that these awards represent the opinions of 16 alliances, all in POSEIDON, PEGASUS or PEACE. Namely : The Brotherhood, The Legion, Vires Noctu, Olympus, SNAFU, Valhalla, Invicta, BAPS, Hydra, Paladins of Freedom, United Purple Nations, Blue Turtle Alliance, Order of the Fourl Leaf Clover, OMFG, AoDB, North American Confederacy.

It was a real pleasure to have to deal with you all, to discuss and make contact.

And now let’s go !



Mr. Purple

is Attributed to The Pansy of Pansy Commune

Were also nominated : Moshea, Atlashill, DarkEra97, Queenhailee, Haflinger, Dawny.

Purples Top Honour - You have done more for Purple unity than anyone you are a purple god.


The Purple Heart

is Attributed to President Jackson of Buffalo Niagara

Were also nominated : Kryievla, Ruddeker, Kae Lee, Haflinger, Queenhailee Septer, The Valhalla Membership.

Awarded to the person who has been most welcoming to new purple members.


The Purple Jester

is Attributed to DarkEra97 of Barnzee (Aka “Dera”)

Were also nominated : Pansy, King John, Joe32320, Warmongrel, noWedge, Chefjoe, Alterego.

For the most fun and entertaining purple member.



The Purple Diplomat

is Attributed to 4 persons !!!

- Haflinger of Llonach

- Kryievla of Volsunga

- Jorost of Triune Republic

- DarkEra97 of Barnzee (Aka “Dera”)

Were also nominated : SeipherCaim, Moshea, Stetson, KWIV, Buffalo Niagara, Megamind, PresidentSO.

Self explanatory ;).


The Purple Muse

is Attributed to Seipher Caim of Sanngetal

Were also nominated : Valhalla Graphic Dpt, Raithen, Melidan.

Graphics Geniuses/ Great Videos, those who's work has inspired Purple.


The Purple Jack of all trades

is Attributed to Queenhailee of Bassetland

Were also nominated : Stetson, Moshea, Ligolski, CyborgBelial, Pansy, Haflinger, Buffalo Niagara, Bones Malone.

Whatever needs doing you have got it done, you truly are a master of all.



The Purple Warrior Award

is Attributed to VALHALLA

Were also nominated: Avalon,BAPS, Invicta, The Legion, “Any alliance who willingly fought in the Karma War”.

Awarded to the Alliance who despite overwhelming odds stood tall for the good of purple.


The Purple Best Newcomer

is Attributed to VIRES NOCTU

Were also nominated : Hydra, Olympus, the brotherhood, Quantum, Snafu.

Best new Purple Alliance.


The Friendliest Purple Alliance

is Attributed to OLYMPUS

Were also nominated : Invicta, SNAFU, UPN, Valhalla, “Everyone on purple”.

These people are as popular as it gets.... everyone loves them.


Purple Growth Award :

The Purple Growth Award

is Attributed to HYDRA

Were also nominated : Valhalla, The Legion, Olympus.

You have increased member count/ NS like no one else! Viva Purple.

Signed by the jury :

Seipher Caim, for Valhalla

PresidentSO, for The Brotherhood.

LordFingolfin, for The Legion.

HP Wingfoot, for Vires Noctu.

Queenhailee, for Olympus.

Joe32320, for SNAFU.

Jorost, for Invicta.

NobodyExpects, for BAPS.

DarkEra97, for Hydra.

Paladin Z (BIGzII), for Paladins of Freedom.

Hansarius, for UPN.

Master Debater, for Blue Turtle Alliance.

Mydogti, for OFLC.

Kagethesecond, for OMFG.

Mirreille, for AoDB.

Shavar, for North American Confederacy.

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Wow, could the win be any bigger?

Of course not!

Congratulations to our new brothers, and to the winners of such distinguished awards!

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Welcome to the family guys, wouldn't be the same without you. :wub:

Also, those are some sexy awards.

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hello to our added friends in the PEACE Bloc

Another happy day for purple.

Gratz to the winners.

o/ purple


o/ The Brotherhood

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Welcome to all our new signatories. It's good to have you as part of the family.

Also congratulations to the winners of the Purple Unity awards. There's a lot of talent in the sphere. I'm glad to see so many folks/alliances nominated.

Olympus is humbled by the recognition of her peers. Thanks for the votes. Now we've been challenged to continue in our vision.

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Who won the best hair award?

Jorost? Have you seen that man? :wub:

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Welcome to the family, Blue Turtle Alliance, Paladins of Freedom, and The Brotherhood! Purple is looking mighty smecksi!

Also, thank you for all the work that went into making the Ceremonies; you guys pulled it off flawlessly & made it look easy.

Thanks for the shiny, & congrats to the other award winners! :wub:

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Living on Purple this makes me happy.

I was a shoe in for drunk most often while involved in public relations but it was never approved as an award.

More Purple love was never unexpected and is always good to see.

also....I love Pansy :wub:

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Welcome to our new brethren in Purple. I look forward to getting to work with you all.

A big congrats to all the winners; well done!

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The Paladins of Freedom Thank ALL of Purple Unity for their consideration...

We are Proud to take our place among such Great Alliances and People!!!

Special Thanks to Olympus and Legion for advising us and Sponsoring our application.

/0 Paladins of Freedom

/0 Purple


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