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The United Cybernations of Warriors is an alliance that not only will look for diplomacy, we will act as are namesake, Warriors. No stupid gimmick based alliance here. We are about helping are each member of our alliance grow into a force to be reckoned with here in the Cyberverse. We will also be an extremely interactive alliance.

If you want to actually have power in your alliance's government you will join us. Anybody that want's to be in government not only can be, will be. We have a new idea for a government so that everybody who wants a government position will have one. Even if we become a larger alliance, we will stay true to this.

If you visit our site at http://z3.invisionfree.com/United_CW I will show you this revolutionary government idea.

Even better, as we are getting are alliance up and running, if you join now, you will not only get a government position, you will get to choose the position you believe you could help this alliance at.

Most alliances have many rules that are there when you join even though you didn't vote for them. So much for a democracy. We have a few basic guidelines to get the alliance going, but everything else is up to the members. Rules of the alliance will be adjusted to the opinions of the members and that my friends is true democracy

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Our alliance is starting to gain more members and are in the mist of forming the alliance precedents and viewpoints. If you don't join soon, you will miss something special. We already have multiple embassys and have inter-alliance pacts running in the senate right now. Whether you a new to cybernations and looking to find the tricks of the trade or you are an experienced member that just wants to show they have the ability to help run a government, come join and have some fun.

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Small nation looking to grow, large nation looking to be a leader in an alliance. Which ever, the United Cybernations of Warriors is right for you. We officially have a start-up aid of 100k but we have been known to give more in the past to extremely small nations.

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A little fun from the UCW:

All probabilities are 50%. Either a thing will happen or it won't. <_<

Always borrow money from a pessimist; he doesn't expect to be paid back. :angry:

Always remember that you are unique. Just like everyone else. :unsure:

Always remember your weapons system was made by the lowest bidder :jihad:

Anarchy may not be a better form of government, but it's better than no government at all. :wacko:

Biology is the only science in which multiplication means the same thing as division. :huh:

By doing just a little every day, you can gradually let the task completely overwhelm you. :(

Children in the front seat cause accidents, accidents in the back seat cause children. :ehm:

Don't tell any big lies today. Small ones can be just as effective. ;)

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Charter of the United Cybernations of Warriors

Preamble: The UCW have a common goal of growing not only as a cybernation but as an alliance. We are willing to help others but first ourselves. Any attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.

Section 1: Alliance Membership

1. Applicants must supply the following information with their applications:

A. Ruler Name

B. Nation Name

C. Nation Strength

D. Nation Resources

E. Previous alliance(s), reason(s) for leaving, and time spent in each alliance.

F. How they heard of us

G. Reason(s) for wanting to join

2. Expulsion: Nations will be expelled from the alliance as punishment for charter violations and aiding any enemy of the state (either monetarily or intelligence) as deemed necessary by the proper authorities.

3. Membership Requirements:

A. No flaming on our forums, cybernations or its forums, or other alliance forums.

B. No attacking other members of this alliance.

C. No attacking of aligned nations with out direct permission from the President or War Commander.

D. Post in the War Department prior to going to war with an unaligned nation.

E. Respond to alliance messages as soon as possible. Alliance messages a labeled "Official UCW Document"

F. Aiding to non-UCW nations is allowed but the UCW comes first.

G. Members are to support the government.

H. Follow any commands given by your superiors. If you believe an order is wrong, post your complaint in "Reports"

Section 2: Government


President-Leader of the government who has executive power over every aspect of the government. If he over uses his power the senate can vote to have him kicked out of office. This would require a 2/3 vote. Approves all positions given to members by government officials.

Vice President-Chosen by the President to be his right-hand man. President decides how much power he has limited to as much as the president with the same senate vote to control it.

War Commander-Leader of the military. Can ban any member from going to war and has final call on strategy with any full scale war effort. Can choose any member to be a general. Responsible for keeping the battalions in order and check to make sure no illegal wars are happening.

Director of Recruitment-In charge of all recruiting matters. Is to keep recruiting messages flowing to non-aligned nations. Is allowed to choose as many recruiters as he wants.

Treasury Supervisor-Leader of the Department of Treasury. Makes sure aid in the alliance isn't backed up and makes sure all new members get start-up aid.

Master Diplomat-Leader of the State Department. Is to create friendly relationships with other alliances and is to create treaties that will protect and improve our alliance. There will be no more than 3 deputy diplomats at one time. Master Diplomat is able to keep the diplomats already in office or dismiss them and higher his own.

Supreme Court Justices-Run the Supreme Court. Elected by the President. They will hold this office until they resign or if the senate decides they need to be dismissed. This will be decided by over a 1/2 vote. There will be three Supreme Court Justices at all times. One of these three justices will be the judge in the civil court. This duty will rotate between the three justices weekly.

If any leader resigns the President will select his replacement until the next election.


December and June will be election months. Those elected in Dec. will go from Jan. to June. Those elected in June will go from July to Dec. Campaigns for office will start at the beginning of the election month until the 15th. From then until the end of the month, votes will be counted.

Section 3: Treaties

1. Treaties will be voted upon in the senate unless the President deems it neccessary to the survival of the alliance to pass it without a vote

2. Treaties are to be taken completely seriously even if some of it is written in a joking manner. There will be serious consequences for breaking treaties.

Section 5: Charter Amendments

May be requested by regular members of the alliance but will be voted upon by the leaders at the time of the request. This will add a little politics to the voting of the leaders by you voting for a leader who believes in certain rules for the alliance.

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