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Dark Nation Federation


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The Dark Nation Federation is a black team alliance that was announced on 11-5-07 to the cyberverse. It was founded on the principles of Fun, gaming and chilling. We offer protection, aid and friendship for anyone who joins and hopes to stay a member. Please come visit us on our site @ <a href="http://dnf.ipbfree.com" target="_blank">http://dnf.ipbfree.com</a>

Mission Statement:

The Dark Nation Federation is founded on the principles of fun, gaming, chilling and all around having a good time. We strive to have an environment that is suitable for all ages and fun for all whom join. We also hope to provide a place of harmony were your nation may reach heights it hasn't before.


Charter for the Dark Nation Federation

Article 1: Membership

A member is defined as someone whom has gone through the recruitment process as shown below and constantly flies the Dark Nation Federation AA. If a member is caught in a war after being accepted but the war shows him under a different AA he will not be protected unless an issue is ordered from the Supreme Chancellor.

Application Format




Color (Preferably black or brown):

Former Alliances + Ranks Held:

Article 2: Leadership

Supreme Chancellor- Ruler of the DNF and holds the powers of declaring war, making all choices that require immediate responses and can’t be delayed for a 48 hour period for the senate to decide. Cannot be impeached.

Chancellor- Un-elected leader of the executive branch with the Supreme Chancellor, Chancellor and PM. If the Supreme Chancellor goes inactive, the Chancellor and PM run the alliance until his return.

Prime Minister- Elected leader of the executive branch with the Supreme Chancellor, Chancellor and PM. If the Supreme Chancellor goes inactive, the Chancellor and PM run the alliance until his return. Elected bi-monthly.

*The Supreme Chancellor holds all final say but is recommend to work with the Chancellor and Prime Minister in a triumvirate fashion to do what is best for the alliance.

Senate(3)- The Senate is composed of elected members who oversee the off-site forums and help the general membership. In charge of internal affairs such as rogues, ghosting and background checks. Hold GM Status.

Foreign Minister- Un-elected position appointed by SC to serve until he resigns or is replaced. Deals with the alliances foreign affairs as well as masking of diplomats and assigning of ambassadors.

Defense Minister- The Defense Minister is in charge of upholding the alliances military power. Organizing the defense into squads/companies and he deems is most efficient for the alliance.

Minister Of Recruitment- The Minister of recruitment is in charge of recruiting and masking of members. Also in-charge of ensuring everyone flying the Dark Nation Federation AA is a registered and accepted member.

Finance Minister- This person is in charge of all alliance finances. Organizing aid chains, tech deals, trade circles and grants.


*The only elected positions are the senators, MoR, DoE and Prime Minister who are elected bi-monthly elections start on the first. 1st-2nd Nomination 3rd-4th Platform Q&A 5th-6th Voting

Article 3: Foreign Policy

DNF does not condone in-game spying via spy features or spying in general. Any nation caught using spying and/or nukes against a nation of DNF is subject to full force of the DNF military. DNF will not strike first with nuclear weapons.

Article 4: Sovereignty

DNF is a sovereign alliance and as such we refuse to sign Mutual-Defense-Aggression Pacts as they compromise an alliances sovereignty. We will sign MDPs, MDOAPs, PIATs, and TOA’s.

Article 5: Succession

Anyone who resigns their position a replacement will be made by the S/C with triumvirate input. Upon the S/C leaving the chancellor will take supreme chancellor spot and he will appoint a new chancellor

Article 6: Tech Raiding

Tech Raiding is permitted on nations over 15 days inactive in an alliance with less then 5 active members. Tech Raiding may be closed during times of war and times of caution by the defense minister. If you attack someone and they attack back its an assumed risk and you will not be helped.

Article 7: Membership & Termination

If you are an accepted member you are entitled to protection from tech raiding and aid. If you are removed from the alliance (the S/C, Chancellor, PM are only people with power to remove a member or the senate on a 5/5 vote). Once removed you have 24 hours to remove DNF from your AA or you will be subject to zi.

Article 8: Amendments

Amendments may be added to the charter under the articles under the title of Amendments starting with 1. For an amendment to pass it must pass the senate with a 4/5 passing vote, signature of the chancellor and signature of the supreme chancellor.

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hmmm, where did you think up the name of this alliance from?

My 2 previous alliances. Coalition Of Dark States and The Phoenix Federation. So Take Dark and Federation and insert nation and thus you got DNF with a decent acronym and mix of former alliance names.

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