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Diplomatic Relations between Kitex and the CAU


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"I wish to talk about a possible MDP between our two nations, seeing that we are both close allies of the Empire of Krieg.

Here is the proposal:

Signed between the nations of Kitex and the Central American Union

Preamble: In the name of security, prosperity, and friendship the nations of Kitex and Central American Union hereby annouce this mutual defence pact.

1. An attack on one nation is considered an attack on both. Both nations are required to help each other in case of attack.

2. Neither nation is required to help the other in acts of aggression.

3. Neither nation is required to help the other if one is experiencing internal turmoil unless the leader(s) is killed and order needs to be restored.

4. If this pact is cancelled at anytime, the other nation must recieve notification of the cancellation at least 48 hours prior to.

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Emperor Colerich Krieg sent this Telegram:

"Perhaps a Triad (Three way) Agreement can be found. That way we are all under one pact in unity and brotherhood."

Ambassador Brenda replied with this telegram:

"That'd be great as their have been rumors going around in the Departments of Defense and State that the ODP with your nation is going to be upgraded to an MDP.

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