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Final solution to all these polls about tech and nation strength


Would this shut up the whiners, or just give them something else to whine about  

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With all the crying and misunderstanding with the changes to the tech multiplier, I've come to the conclusion the best way to stop the over-importance being places upon the concept of nation strength is to no longer show it at all.

Under my proposal nations would only be able to see their rank and percentage, but they'd have no number that flat out states there nation strength. In addition to this would be a change to the war system range, whereby instead of being based upon nation strength, it would be based upon the nations relative strength.

IE So someone ranked 5% could attack someone from 2.5% - 10%

This formula is obviously not going to work in practice, but it is representative of what I mean

This is obviously just a very rough idea being thrown out their for discussion, but I'm curious to see if greater minds than I would see any potential in it's development.

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