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Hello CN players I great you from Oceania. I am pleased to tell you about the revolution. Where there is change. This is a peaceful revolution all you have to do is join Oceania here http://z6.invisionfree.com/Oceaina_allianc...dex.php?act=idx . As leader of Oceania I must give you more reasons to join the revolution fellow CN players.

In many alliance there is warfare and destruction and inequality. There are people higher then others on the social scale because they have more money. This will not happen in Oceania, my friends. Everyone has equal money. The rich will give to the poor. New nations will get aid. And in Oceania there is Peace. There is also freedom, freedom not to be controlled by the rich, freedom to have no less money then others.

The future is in your hands Comrades. Freedom, Change and Peace.

Goodbye from your protector (No longer Governor Breck but Big Brother)

Edited by Governor Breck
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I'm glad you love 1984 but your nation is probably a little too young to be creating alliances. Read the alliance creation guide, join another alliance (PM me if ya want to) and learn the ropes first. There is a lot to think about before you create an alliance. Just trying to be helpful my good friend.

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