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Poliz/Grøenlandia Treaty

Imperium of Poliz

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The Naboer, Venner, Bror Pact


RECOGNISING that the two signatories, the Federal Republic of Grøenlandia and the Imperium of Poliz are two soverign states with a common border, and compatible domestic and external policies;

RECOGNISING that the world is dangerous, and that co-operation is a huge advantage in the shifting global environment;

REAFFIRMING that the two nations are friends, and that where required, are more than capable, and willing to aid each other.

NOTING that this treaty is sounding more and more like an Old Earth UN Resolution every moment; An IOP Treaty Production;

Article One : Soverignty

The parties signing to this Pact are two soverign nations with their own independent land claims, policies, international interests and right to rule as they see fit. After signature to this agreement, so shall it remain.

Article Two : Intelligence

The parties signing to this Pact will notify the other signatory of any intelligence they gather that concerns the territorial integrity, political independence or security of the other. Neither party will conduct subterfuge upon the other, and both agree not to expose, re-transmit or sell any classified information in any form without direct, explicit and public permission from the other signitory.

Article Three : Aid and Relief

The parties signing to this Pact agree that in this dangerous world, all nations are prone to disasters, whether natural, civillian or military, and agree that co-operation is necessary to overcome these situations. The signatories are therefore strongly compelled to provide relief and assistence to the other in situations where their aid is requested, in the form of money or humanitarian resources.

Article Four : Optional Defence - Economic

Where the economic interests or power of one of the signatories is threatened or infringed upon by a nation or corporation, the other party is compelled to use their international influence and methods of their choosing in order to restore the economic situation.

Article Five : Optional Defence - Military

Where one signatory has their territorial integrity, political independence or security directly threatened, or a state of war is declared on them, the other signatory is strongly compelled to act in their defence. If a signatory requests the other to remain uninvolved in a conflict, and not to invoke this article of the Pact, then this Article is rendered dormant until the situation is declared as concluded, or the requesting party invites the other signatory to the conflict.

Article Six : Trade

Both signatories will minimise trade barriers and tariffs in order to promote trade and mutual benefit and profit between both nations.

Article Seven : Weapons Sharing

In the event that one signatory acquires weaponry or weapon technology that the other signatory is interested in, a council will be established and discussions regarding possible sharing or sale or rent of weapons or weapons technology, at the discretion of both signatories will commence. Nuclear weapons and other Weapons of Mass Destruction are included under the provisions of this article.

Article Eight : Revision

The world is a constantly changing environment, and as such, both parties agree that the document that binds them will eventually need to change in order to maintain its relevence in the changing world and relationship between the two signatories. Prospective changes or countersignature to optional Articles will be submitted and discussed before change to the document is made. Removals will be left on the document, but struck out and inclusions will be marked as such.

Article Nine : Withdrawal

A signatory to this agreement may withdraw from it after 48 hours of prior notice of intent to the other signatory. Reasoning behind the withdrawal must be given, in private channels.


Signed for the Imperium of Poliz:

Chairman of the Canton of External Affairs and Dialogue, Appointed Plenipotentiary in His Name, negotiating with His Voice,

Tarantius Yeltzin

Signed for the Federal Republic of Grøenlandia:

Forseti Ty Eyvindsson

Forsætisráðherra Ísólfur Ármannsson

Official Approval from the Senatus

Edited by Imperium of Poliz
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