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Hakai Retires to the Shadows

Master Hakai

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My WORD, this guy is an idiot.

Sup guise. SUP!


Contrary to what you may think, or know, or think you know, or think you know you think, I have a life. Well, sort of. Not really. I mean I do, but I kind of don't. But really I do, and it is awesome. I've had a lot of "fun" (notice the quotes) coup'ing the **** out of RAD and running the show (kind of.. well actually, Newhotness has been pulling the strings - I'm a puppet), but it's about time for me to head back to my third year at university and any of you who know anything about me ever know that when I'm at school, I don't CyberNation. TOOOOO busy. Basically it becomes a chore for me to even have to care what happens in CN. At home I have more free time so I can waste all of it, but at school, not so much.

Anyhow I've had a blast and I'd love to go on being the HEAD RETARD in the most RAD alliance in CN, but I'm afraid that would be rather selfish of me as I'd never do stuff ever, and we at RAD don't really want to go back to that stage (no offense to Mr Bill, he's an awesome dude). So I said all that to say this: Yo yo, since I won't have the time necessary to be Head Retard in RAD, and I don't want the alliance to completely crumble thanks to my own inactivity and smelliness, and since Jason8 respectfully declined my offer, I will now be handing over the glorious position of Head Retard to the famed Emperor Marx. zOMG, that last sentence was LONG!

RAD now belongs to Emperor Marx and I'm glad. He's gonna be a pretty stinkin' awesome leader. Even if you hate me (for some DISGUSTING reason), you should still post all your praise for Marx in this thread. He's a great man. I'll still be running a nation, I'm not planning on leaving forever, but even if I do come back eventually, I won't be doing anything aside from that (taxes/bills) for a while. Also I should mention that Syrik REALLY wants the position of Head Retard in RAD, so I said k. Yeah um, YEP! Okay.

Since I'll be off the scene for a pretty good amount of time, here's some SHOOTOUTS! I'mma recka'nize mah bros.


Or, shoutouts, or whatever the heck they're supposed to be called.

CyberNations: Don't hate Pink because PWN is entertaining. Take some time to appreciate the fact that they're working to liven up an otherwise dull period in CN history. It's a lot of fun, if you're willing to open your mind to something different. Also, lighten up just a little plzthx. Too uptight around here anymore.

RAD: RAD is RAD, join RAD! Seriously.. best alliance in CyberNations. I love you guys, keep being cool like you do now, and you can't go wrong.

PC, IS, LSF, TCB: Best group of allies I've ever worked with, I love you guys. Keep enjoying yourselves and ignore all the haters. Remember this is a game, and never give up on your dreams of playing it as such. ;)

RoK, ARES, RIA: You guys are all super rad allies, too. Sorry you're not in on the 24/7 Pink Sphere party :(

Other sweet alliances: You're awesome, keep it up! TWO THUMBS UP, YO.

ChairmanHal: You're one of my favorite players ever. I love you bro, keep bein' classy.

Lazarus Long and Merrie Melodies: You guys are absolutely insane. I APPROVE.

WarriorConcept: You're a bro. Keep bein' a bro. UR DOIN IT RITE.

Srqt, Mirima, LintWad, Jonathan Brookbank, THICKNESS, Rynka, and other oldskewl cool cats like you guys: Stay cool. Represent FO' LIFE. You guys are all awesome in mind-boggling ways, and I always loved chattin' it up with all of you. Absolutely amazing :D

UberSpion: Your posts are funny, I always enjoyed reading 'em. Way to go against the grain, dawg. Totally boss. And Oreo is a babe. Whoo!!!

Stumpy: You're good at CN. VERY VERY good at it. I always loved your point of view on things and it was great being allied to you way back in the day. Keep it real, mang.

Agent Lemon: You're funny as heck dood. I love your style, thanks for chillin' with RAD and plz never stop B)

Alfred von Tirpitz: You've been an amazing ally and friend for as long as I can remember. Thanks for all the time and love you've put into RAD and helping us out. The new regime in RAD will try harder than I did to be buddies with RoK, and I told 'em you're a great person to start with. I wish I would have kept up better with your alliance, but you're still always the one to stick out in my mind as a great ally from RoK.

WickedJ, Aeternalis, Jack Diorno, Logan, Comrade Goby, kulomascovia, Infidel Israeli, Penkala, etc. (the list goes on...): Thanks for your individual support for RAD down through the years (or months or whatever you call it). It's been noticed and appreciated by me and the whole alliance. Rock ON dudes!

SkyGreenChick: <3

St Jimmy: You're cool, brah. I'll NEVER FORGET.


Okay WELP, I guess that's about it. I'll be around for another day, packin' up stuff and getting everything ready for school. I'll be around as much as possible during that time to answer queries, PMs, comments, and all ANGRY remarks directed at me from everyone. Also I love you if you read this whole thread. It was long. I'm very tired of typing.


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The day Good Master Hakai retires will be a sad day, oh wait...


Have fun with RL Hakai. You are a valuable member of the community and I for one await your return.

Emperor Marx: I am glad to see you at the helm. I forsee you bringing RAD to new heights.


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Despite pink being putrid, I'll miss the former leader of RAD. You've been entertaining in the time I've been here. Good luck in RL this year.

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Stay cool. Don't leave forever. Come back and visit. You're always welcome in our sekret channel to do... well... sekret things.

Dude.. can't WAIT to do some sekret stuff some more! Heehee.. heeeeeeeheehee!!! >=D

Hakai... please dont. I really cant take this !@#$ right now. If you are bored I will start a marry band with you and we can ruin this game. Anything to stop you from being foolish.

Dude, this is SO not foolish. You should join me IRL in my merry bands so we can ruin the real world a little bit. Now THAT's rad!!!

The day Good Master Hakai retires will be a sad day, oh wait...


Have fun with RL Hakai. You are a valuable member of the community and I for one await your return.

Emperor Marx: I am glad to see you at the helm. I forsee you bringing RAD to new heights.


Thanks m8! That's encouraging for me to hear :) I'll miss bein' around.

Wait..Nubhotness AND Marx are now in charge? Dear lord...i shall begin building my bomb shelter ASAP

Take it easy, Hakai, youll be back..they always come back

EDIT: Silly me, i forgot lolpink

Yeah dude, I'm a little worried myself, and I'm IN this alliance!!

Much :wub: for you, hakai.

I am not so much sad, since I always know how to reach you. :)

o/ RAD

o/ hakai

Feel free to reach me anytime you'd like ;)

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