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The New Beginning

Kaiser Martens

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It had been three months since the reborn Kriegsmarine had returned as if Einherjar for one final battle to take the Loyalist Forces back to the coasts of mainland Nordheim. Their arrival had been sudden, hundreds of tons of metal rose from under the sea to blast away all coastal defences while the people of Manneligia spontaneously erupted in rebellion to aid the liberators. With this city as their foothold, the campaigns continued for a long time, causing many deaths. The bloodiest non-nuclear war in Europe in the last hundred years this became, in spite of technically involving only one nation.

The Loyal Nordlanders fought with ferocity against an enemy which had funds and technology on their side. But in the end the hammer found its way to the enemy head. In one last attempt to turn the tide of the war, the Democratic Army attempted a daring operation, the taking of the historical capital of Nordheim - Asgaard - in order to secure the art and monuments within as well as an arsenal.

Dietrich "Tambarskjelve", as he had been nicknamed, led the final assault into the fallen Asgaard to seize the leaders of the Democratic Army there in what would be their final stand. There were weapons of mass destruction.

"We have no time. If we wait but another minute I fear that the enemy will unlock the firing codes for the Valkyrie Missiles. We are supposed to be close to victory, but are close to destruction. I will charge forth with my personal team. For my Fatherland."

Dietrich stepped down with some of his Generals and gathered the remains of his Army Group to enter Castle Asgaard on their own. The place had the air of a dream, gloomy, darkened, corpses to be found everywhere. Occational a democrat would spring out from a hiding spot to try and kill them. After hours of fighting through the massive building, guided by Aesir who knew where to go to, they arrive to the Arsenal Control Room, underneath the castle. An army big enough to turn the tide of war and missiles lined up neatly to destroy all enemies. At the end of the room stood the Democratic Leader.

"Well you have made it! But your journey ends here, "Tambarskjelve!"

"You are all too late! It does not matter what you do now! The rockets will be launched automatically in five minutes if you do not comply with my inconditional surrender! We will not target just Nordheim, but other cities in other countries...they will fire back. What will it be, hm?"

Noone could have prepared Dietrich for what he did see. His very own father had been the leader of the Democratic faction all along. Dietrich glanced at the computer and then rose an eyebrow. "Perhaps the war may be lost. But I will have your life before the missiles launch!"

The firefight begins. The General is outnumbered, but manages to take out a good amount of foes. After several minutes, he is finally hit in his right hand by Dietrich's bullet, disarming him. He steps closer to look down at the wounded father who speaks, "I have won. You never learned anything. What you want for this country can only destroy us. That is why I rather destroy it myself. You were always a fool. Always believing in the strong leader. Think for your own!"

Dietrich did not let him even finish speaking, and moved closer while taking out his bayonette to silence the enemy forever, piercing through his throat to finish him off. "Hel will be your companion...". Now there was nothing to do but to watch the small countdown numbers on the screen. Dietrich sits down nearby and drops his weapons exhausted, waiting for the end. A familiar figure, Heinrich, drops by, approaching the computer. The other one says not a word, until the newcomer takes out his sunglasses while staring at the computer and commands,

"Cancel WMD firing on authority of Class S Kaiserlichbefehl. Disable defensive and offensive preparations."

"Authorization acknowledged. Welcome back, Kaiser."

Destruction was avoided. Heinrich...Martens, looks back towards Dietrich who cannot believe what has just happened. Heinrich smirks and wipes some enemy blood from his face. "It is always good to keep a failsafe system."

So had the conflict finished. The corpse of the General was taken outside for all to see. In the following month, after further useless resistance, the last Democratics surrendered. Nordheim had lost much, but it was time to return to normal life. It would take months to bury all the dead and repair all the damage...but they had no hurry. All Democratics would be executed one after the other without mercy, both by angry mobs or by formal shooting squads. Freedom had survived.

It was announced that Lady Magnhild and the heir to the throne, three year old Alarik Martens, were returning to Asgaard. In the following year when the reconstruction was finished, a plebiscite was called to achieve international legitimacy. There were several different options, but this time the Martencist Party was unified. 93% of the population chose the Royalist Martencists. The Martens Family would be restored to the throne, and Alarik would be crowned as Kaiser of Nordheim. Until he grew up, Lady Magnhild and Martens himself would function as regents. The world did never find out about the weapons of mass destruction concealed within.

Everyone, or almost everyone was happy. But celebrations weren't complete without mourning for all the fallen. The Third Silver Revolution had been a victory. The first thing that the new Government did once the proper reconstruction was complete was the creation of monuments and museums about the war. Polarstern, the sole surviving ship, was decomissioned and became a floating museum at Manneligia. The Nordheimers had observed how easy it would have been for the Russians to seize the Baltic Land when they had the chance, so the first task of the Foreign Affairs department was sending a representative to Slavorussia to look into the possibility of creating an embassy. They were grateful.


Martens looks towards the south.

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"Zargathia agrees with the Rakatan point of view. The Martens have been elected as Nordheim's leaders and, like it or not, that too is a part of democracy. We therefore recognize the result of the Nordheim elections and welcome the young King. May his coronation truly be a new beginning, rather than a continuation of the policies that have led to Nordheim's infamy in Europe."

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Scotland recommends similar containment methods that have been used for the rogue Krieg state be used on Nordheim. Wall them off from the rest of the world so that no further harm may be done.

OOC: *insert Wonko the Sane reference, from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy*

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This bloody coup is a disgrace to your nation, and the perpetrators should be brought before justice. We recommend all nations sever political, economical and physical links with this highly unstable state. When the food starts to run out, or the spare parts for factories stop arriving, the people will ask why the world frowns on their state, and is it worth this hardship.

The people of a nation are the nation, and they are the strongest ally, and yet the most fickle.

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To all the nations not recognizing them, if they have the power, they are in control, and they will do whatever they please even if you don't recognize them.

Kaiser Martens has com into power via violence , we therefore use Ex injuria jus non oritur on the governemetn of Kaiser Martens. He may have called in a plebiscite, or more commonly called referendum, but there were no neutral observers, so we are not sure of its legitimacy. In fact, we doubt its relevance in a wartorn, chaotic nation.

Sverige does not say that Nordheim is not in existence as long as it is not recognized, but it takes no diplomatic and poltical notice of it before its recognition. Through recognition only and exclusively a State becomes an International Person for Sverige. Thus the following consequences:

-We do not recognize the diplomatic status of members of this government, therefore they are not granted its protected status.

-We do not recognize the Nordheim flag as used by ships and planes, therefore they are treated as illegal and banned from entering Sverige airspace and waters

-We cannot admit the legality of any situation de facto nor do we intend to recognize any treaty or agreement entered into by the Nordheim governement or agents thereof

Though we wish to state that the political existence of the state is independent of recognition by Sverige. We recognize the nation Nordheim, but not the state Nordheim.

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The Dominion continues to recognize Nordheim. While arguments may be made that nordic culture and leadership is inappropriate in nations which historically are unconnected to it; no one can reasonable deny that nordic culture is entirely appropriate to both prussian territories, and nordheim itself. We are dissappointed so many nations have decided to continue this ridiculous prejudice and paranoia of any and all things nordic. So what if the martenists have returned to power; they are a political party and the loudest voice of nordic culture in the reason. Thats what the people have chosen, so get over it.

The dominion will ignore any present or future blockades against the nation. In either case starving the people is not the answer to nordheim's political situation. Blockades are merely one of several filler acts so that at the end of the day the politicians of nations effecting them can pat themselves on the back and buy further votes within their own political scene.

As for recognition we continue to assert the tenets of neutral pragmatism. A nation is a nation; and in so far as its ability to impose its sovereignty is not challenged it remains so. Either destroy it or recognize it; there is no in between.

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Dmitry is awaken from his unscheduled nap by Slavorussia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who has a letter from Nordheim in his hands. Dmitry sits upright on the sofa in his office, squints, wipes his eyes then stretches and yawns. Still squinting slightly he looks at Sergey and asks, “Well what is it? A declaration of war?”

“No.” Sergey shakes his head and smiles. Given the state that Europe is in the Primer always asks that question first, but this time it almost seems justified.

“Well then, it must be a threat of war at least? Or a strongly worded letter of some sort? ” Dmitry replies in a joking manner.

“No,” Sergey chuckles while handing the letter to Dmitry, “the civil war is over and they want to exchange ambassadors with us. Since we didn’t take advantage of the situation and invade the Baltic Governorates”

Dmitry looks up at him and jokingly says, “Damn I knew there was something we forgot to do.”

Dmitry puts his jacket and tie back on and sits at his desk. He chews it over for a minute. Slavorussia’s nearest ally, Finland simply wouldn’t stand for it, neither would Molakia and Procinctia. To accept Nordheim’s ambassador would mean Slavorussia recognizes the current regime, but it could strengthen relations with Prussia, and who knows where the Austrians stand these days. More importantly how would people at home react. If things went well history would write that he was the great unifier he opened relations with the Nords and helped bring peace to Europe. On the other hand they could write that he was a traitor blind and naïve. “Meh, even some traitors are remembered in a somewhat positive manner, look at Lenin.” he thinks to himself.

“Approve their request for an ambassador exchange, Sergey, but send someone expendable, like the former ambassador to RUSSIAN.” he says.

Sergey responds, “Yes sir, I‘ll see if I can contact them now.” After that Sergey dictates a letter to his assistant which reads:

After much consideration the government of Slavorussia agrees that it would be a good idea to establish a diplomatic link between our two nations. Therefore Ambassador Nikolai Ushakov has been officially appointed as the Slavorussian ambassador to Nordheim, shall carry out duties related. We shall also make arrangements for Nordheim’s ambassador in Moscow.

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