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State of the Alliance


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State of the Alliance

This week the membership numbers have remained steady at 222 members meaning the alliance has managed to maintain its membership level despite the recruitment freeze. The total strength of the alliance has increased significantly to just under 4 million and our average strength has also climbed rapidly to just under 18000.

This week has seen the new division system implemented two weeks ago continue to develop with each division currently deciding on a unique name for their division. It has been pleasing to see the new Siberian Guard take on their new role so eagerly and also pleasing to see some newer members becoming more involved in the alliance as a result. With the first inter-division competition due to start in a day or so the new system seems to be a great success so far.

The consolidation phase of the alliance growth plan is also going well. The Siberian Tiger Alliance has accepted a couple of larger nations into the alliance but even without new nations joining, the alliance's strength continues to steadily grow as our members' nations become stronger.

In the Siberian Trophy, Bamburgh FC holds a 3 point lead over second placed FC Tigris Altaica after they slipped to an away draw at Zavod Ural Solikamsk. Zavod takes on FC Tigris Altaica tomorrow in a game that will decide whether the race for the title ends with two rounds left to play. Altaica has a game in hand on Bamburgh so goal difference could decide this season's title. Third placed Batch is a point behind Altaica and also has a game in hand on Bamburgh. At the foot of the table Mushroom Kommune looks set for relegation after a 2-0 loss to fellow relegation battlers, The Rabbs. Four teams are in the fight for survival with Togashire FC being dragged down into the relegation battle being only 3 points clear of second-from-bottom The Rabbs.

In the Cup division, Rebel United's perfect season came to an end with a draw against Team Waycool last Tuesday but their win on Saturday secured the title as they now sit 10 points clear of second placed Waycool with three games left to play. Four teams have a mathematical chance of grabbing the second promotion place but Team Waycool looks to be in the box seat with a 5 point gap between them and third placed Archers.

The Foreign Affairs department was pleased to announce the treaty upgrade with our now former-Protectorate, The Imperial Order. The progress The Imperial Order has made over the past month or so has been excellent and the Siberian Tiger Alliance was more than happy to upgrade the protectorate agreement to a Mutual Defence/Optional Aggression Pact despite the protectorate agreement not being due for review for another two weeks. Congratulations to Skippy and his team at The Imperial Order on your efforts and progress, we are delighted to have upgraded this treaty.

In military news, the Siberian Tiger Alliance has again been dealing with rogue issues with this week seeing some diplomatic resolution which has made a nice change from recent weeks. We have also had a long-term rogue, Black Power , who has been ghosting our alliance affiliation for a couple of months and attacking members of other alliances. Sadly, the rogue nation is so small we struggle to find STA members in his range so we have made it known to tech raiding alliances that this nation is open for raiding in order to finally flick this booger from our alliance affiliation.

Overall, this week has been a good one for the Siberian Tiger Alliance. Our total and average strength is growing steadily and we approach an important milestone, 4 million total nation strength. Our internal programs are working well and beginning to pay dividends so we look forward to another week of solid growth and pushing past that nation strength milestone.

Za Sibir'!

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Glad to hear STA had a nice week.

Godspeed to 4 million AS.

Hey HO, I voted Uhtred for White Senate, can I has a olive branch? :D

What, you really think anyone around here in Siberia is asking me what I think about TPF? You didn't have to do that.

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What, you really think anyone around here in Siberia is asking me what I think about TPF? You didn't have to do that.

I don't know if they do or not.

It was more of a symbolic gesture.

Every journey begins with one small step. ;)

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