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Black out in Rome

Agostinho Neto

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ROMA - General Junio Borghese declared the state of siege in Rome tonight after twenty thousands blackshirts led by Benito Mussolini gathered up in the nation's largest cities and in the center of the capital. The coup attempt followed soaring inflation, rising unemployment, a devalued currency and the bankrupt of the northern steel industries. General Borghese's Leadership in the Fascist Republican Party was soundly defeated in the latest meeting by the supporters of Benito Mussolini. The blackshirts demanded Borghese to appoint Mussolini as Prime Minister, or he will be deposed by force.

Reporting from Rome - General Junio Borghese ordered a total crackdown on dissidents in the Partito Fascista Repubblicano and followers of Deputy Benito Mussolini, vowing to strive for "national greatness" as army and police firing tear gas and swinging truncheons quelled a demonstration outside the parliament where he was sworn in. After almost 24 hours of negotiations, General Borghese refused to appoint Mussolini as Prime Minister of the Italian Republic and issued an arrest warrant on him and Defense Minister Rodolfo Graziani. His position at the Ministry of Defense was taken by General Borghese himself.


"Black Brigades" militiamen patrolling the streets

Battered by a two days of internal protest movement in the Fascist Party alleging failure in his economical policies, and weakened by challenges with the International Community, General Borghese said he would dedicate himself to serving the Italian people and whipe out any coup. "What we need is national greatness, i will not hand this nation to Mussolini or anyone of his followers" he said in a speech broadcast live on television. "We are representing a great nation. It needs great decisions and great deeds. We need to take great steps."

As he spoke, hundreds and possibly thousands of demonstrators tried to push their way into the surrounding Piazza Venezia, Rome, with thousands of security forces and plainclothes soldiers chasing and arresting them, according to witnesses and accounts in the free press. Security forces dispersed the crowd before a larger rally could gather. Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Roberto Ciano, confirmed in a press conference the arrest of Deputy Benito Mussolini and General Rodolfo Graziani.


Mussolini's arrest file

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