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Lu-Han goes Hongan-ji


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In the state of Lu Han of the Dragon Empire , which the state was run by Emperor Lu Tai.

A group of Monks that call them self the Hongan-Ji monks where going around spreading the word of Buddha within the Lu-Han state many were Confucius followers but it seems that with each time the monks travel to each city they drop thier belief in Confucius and go straight to Buddha ,it would seem that the monks were raising a rebel army but they did not show it.

Their were many riots and fighting between each group that supported Buddha by the teachings of the Hongan-ji monks ,and the teachings of Confucius , but at each turn it would seem to be that the the Hongan-ji Buddha followers one each bout and makeing more supporters before this got out of hand.

riot police separate religious groups .


Emperor Lu Tai of Lu-Han made Buddha the main religion and that Hongan-ji Temples were to be made in every city.



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"Though the followers of every religion are free to express itself, we regret they are doing so through violence. Especially since, to our knowledge, both Buddhism and Confucianism place moral and ethical conduct in high regards."

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