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The United Sovereign Nations


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Greetings fellow citizens of Planet Bob. We would like to invite you to join our alliance the "United Sovereign Nations. Everyone is invited to join, new, old, big, small nations, everyone is welcome to join USN. We are one of the oldest alliances on the maroon sphere which was founded on the 29th of October 2006. Our motto is By The People, For The People. We are a democratic alliance, so your opinion always care. USN is a medium sized alliance with about 130 members to date.

We have 5 ministries and are headed by a minister. And have 3 Alliance Councilors that make sure USN is stable. They are always doing their best to keep the alliance strong and steady. These are:

Defense: Headed by the Security General. To protect the alliance from harm.

Economics: Headed by the Minister of Economics. To supervise the economic matters of the alliance

Foreign Affairs: Headed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Is responsible for making the alliance public image good.

Internal Affairs: Headed by the Minister of Internal Affairs. Is responsible for the internal affairs and make members feel good in the alliance.

Recruitment: Headed by the Minister of Recruitment. Is responsible of recruiting members to the alliance and make the alliance grow.

So why join USN. Here are why.


We are a close-knit alliance. Everyone is close to one another. We are a very friendly group of players


We offer you protection from rogues and wars. If you are attacked you will be assisted militarily and financially. Our USNPD will help you.


We offer you 6 million to help your nation grow.


We can let you join trade circles and start tech dealing with other nations to help you grow. You also have a potential to win loans and grants


Experienced members give you advice on what to do with your nation. We also have guides to help you improve your knowledge in the game.


We respect everyone and their opinions and treat you equally from the other

We are also a laid back alliance.

So what are you waiting for apply now.

To join USN. Register at our forums and post your application at Outstanding Apps at Membership Applications at Welcome Halls.

Information About USN

Contact Information

IRC: #cnusn on coldfront

Forums: http://cnusn.net/



Government of the United Sovereign Nations

June - July 2010Term

Alliance Council

Cora Mcstrap (fluffyewunga)



High Council

Ministry of Economics

Minister of Economics - Give Me Water

Ministry of Recruitment

Minister of Recruitment - TBA

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Minister of Foreign Affairs - Vladisvok Destino

Ministry Of Internal Affairs

Minister of Internal Affairs - Beale947

Ministry of Defense

Security General - Beale947

Current Treaties


Sentinel (MDoAP) - Global Democratic Alliance, United Purple Nations, Menotah

SPAM - (ODP)Global Order of Darkness, The Templar Knight, Random Insanity Alliance, Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations, Coalition of Royal Allied Powers

]Maroon Economic Pact- ,Coalition of Royal Allied Powers, Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations, Global Order of Darkness, , Random Insanity Alliance, The Templar Knights,

Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pacts

United Purple Nations

New Polar Order


Regnum Invictorum (Invicta)

Mutual Defense Pact

Global Democratic Alliance

Peace, Intelligence and Aid Treaty

Kingdom of Hyrule

Treaty of Amity


Global Order of Darkness

Non-Aggression Pact

Random Insanity Alliance

The Templar Knights

So what are you waiting. Join USN now.



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