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TULT : The Fight for Xinjiang

king of cochin

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The chant of a gathering reverberated on the walls of the Governor's Palace in Urumqi. Around 40-50 Uighur students were demonstrating for more than 2 hours on this Tuesday morning. Most of the chanters were from the nearby Khan Institute of Technology. Amongst them is 20 year old Ismail Dawamet.

The Uighur Liberation Tigers had formed some years back as a peaceful organization seeking independence from Cochin. Mainly they were the officials and soldiers of the former Altin Urda who felt marginalized by the amalgamation of Xinjiang with Cochin. In the early years they did have considerable popular support but with the increase in development and investments brought to the region by the government their support base had slowly eroded to leave a dichotonous group of people who wanted secession.

The organization was mainly ignored by the Provincial Government and chose to counter it through passive measures such as increased development. Moreover so far the TULT had not engaged in any sort of violence. The TULT however did manage to capture the minds of some sections of Uighurs, especially students, who were easily influenced by visions of an independent Uighur state.

Ismail had become enchanted with TULT after hearing discussions by his seniors in his hostel. His parents had forbade him from having much contact with the organization, he was even advised against it by his elder brother Usman, a former fighter pilot of RCAF and now running an Aviation School at Urumqi. However in his idealistic zeal Ismail ignored their advices.

So it was that today Ismail was standing in the front row of agitators in a seemingly routine demonstration to crack the resolve of the Provincial Administration.

However today things were slightly different. The fanatic sections of TULT leadership had decided that peaceful protests were going nowhere. Only with a major Event can they hope to catch the attention of the world. So today the demonstration would not remain peaceful.

As the chanting grew louder as the hour approached noon, some protesters hanging at the back of the crowd opened their bags and started handing over stones. A hail of stones started pelting the security shack of the Governor's Palace and the several cars inside were damaged. Others in the group started throwing Molotov cocktails at the palace and other vehicles nearby. The security guards immediately informed the Police.

By the time the riot control Police had come to the scene several cars were wrecked and some officials were being beaten up. The RCPF troopers took to position and started firing tear gas at the mob. A couple of Police helicopters too had arrived at the scene to give guidance to the ground troopers.

The rapid arrival of Police and firing of tear gas unnerved the mob and a stampede ensued. Additional Police trucks had now cordoned off other exits and the rioters were being herded to the trucks for arrest.

In the ensuing confusion Ismail was totally disorientated. With the first stones he had become scared which turned into exhiliration when he saw the fear in the Palace security guards. However now he was totally scared and confused. The riot control troopers were advancing to the mob and some people in the mob were attacking them with heavy sticks and more Molotov cocktails. One rioter while swinging his club to strike the police instead struck Ismail on the back of his head. The heavy blow felled him and in the stampede further kicks at his head furthered the damage to his skull. By the time the Police line reached where he was fallen he was dying from head injuries. A Police sergeant pulled his body away from the riot scene and ambulances waiting nearby took him to the nearest hospital.

Ismail Dawamet was declared Dead on arrival.

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Usman got a call. It was from Ismail's number. He picked it up as usual and spoke into the phone

"Hello brother. How are you? I saw the TULT protest today, I hope you weren't apart of it."

The voice he heard from the other side of the telephone was not of his brother, but rather a deep much older voice. Before he could ask who it was, he heard that his brother had died. He couldn't believe it. As the hospital staff continued on talking about the cause of death he became enraged. His brother, such a smart brother unlike himself. His brother was brilliant at Literature, He hoped Ismail would be the next Shakespere or Wilde, his two favourite authors. But no here he was dead. DEAD. His very own sibling, the one he loved, the one he cared about so much that he cut college so that his parents could save money for Ismail was dead. He cut the call and spoke with his parents about the death of his brother.

*Week later*

The hospital staff released the body and Ismail was laid to rest. Usman received Ismail's telephone. Ismail had spoken before of the leaders of The Uighur Liberation Tigers and decided to search for the number. He found one of the leaders number and called him.

After a lengthy chat Usman had joined the TULT. Not for peaceful protests but for revenge at the government for killing his brother. Usman had joined the TULT base in Tacehng Prefecture.

His first week at the TULT base was eventful. He had gotten close to the Propaganda and Intelligence Head, Aadil Imran. The Propaganda ministry was the most important for recruiting drives. His ideas which he told Aadil was implemented and was a big success. From just about 100 members, within a week TULT had gained 1000 Members and Aadil was promoted to Head of Public Affairs and Internal Affairs. As well as Director of the Committee for getting new ideas for control over Xinjian and the Uighur Nation. He was also the Ombudsman. Usman of course was the main reason behind Aadil's sudden prominence in the TULT. He was still an ordinary member running his flying school to the outside world. In TULT he was more or less the head of Internal Affairs. His latest idea was to use Suicide Bombers since every other way for getting the Cochin government out of Xinjiang failed. He had given Aadil an inspirational speech about how freeing people will not be done by just throwing stones. How loyalists for Uighur would give up their life for the cause. How the TULT should use all its resources for overthrowing the corrupt kingdom running Uighur. Yes he was a good speaker.

The Suicide bombers was discussed at committee level and was accepted and again Aadil was given all credit for it, he was called brilliant by the Supreme Leader of TULT Aasim Muhammad. It was unbelievable but nonetheless, the idea worked. Three Hundred out of the 1241 members had agreed to lose their life for the cause of an Uighur state.

That evening Aadil and Usman sat at Usman's house and decided where to strike first. Of course bombing the palace would be useless as it wouldn't be as grand as losing more lives and costing the government more money then just losing a single palace and a governor and his family. It was decided Urumqi Grand Bazzar as well as the Grand Library were going to be the first places for the first ever suicide bombings by TULT. Grand Bazzar because it was filled with traders and people and the Library because it was the oldest building in Urumqi and a National Heritage Site. The government would have lost a lot of money in that building.

The 4 people selected for the bombings left the base for Urumqi as usual traders. Of course 2 of them were assigned to the Library would carry the bombs in their back packs. Security was low, never was there such a terror strike happened in Cochin. The two most precious places in Urumqi would be in flames. And by the day end so would all of Urumqi.

Usman and Aadil decided to use this opportunity of poor security to also send 12 more bombers to the Urumqi Press Office, Urumqi Police Headquarters, Urumqi University, General Hospital and Tacheng Prefecture Mayor's Office. Two for each of this 6 locations. The first attackers will blow up at Tacheng then the Bazzar, Library, Hospital, University,Press Office and at last the Police Headquarters.

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Suhara Sheikh is getting bored. She had joined the Royal Cochin Police Force was was now about 2 months from getting Sergeant's rank. It was chafing for her that she had this most boring of all duties. She was standing guard at Tacheng Mayor's Office. The Mayor himself was an unenthusiastic person and hardly anything ever happened here. The only relief was that one of the clerks in Mayor's office was quite handsome.

Duty here was always quite casual. There was just her and another Corporal.

Handing off the charge to the Corporal Suhara walked to the nearby bakery to have some soft drinks. After all one small break never hurt anyone. Moreover nothing ever happens here.

As she was drinking the fruit juice she watched two young men walking to the Office. One of them was nice looking too. She saw the Corporal examine their IDs and letting them through. Perhaps by the time she went back she could have a better look at them.


The shock wave of the explosion drove Suhara to the counter. Disoriented from the shock she scrambled to her feet slowly and fingered her lapel radio.

"Command, we have an explosion. Oh! My god!! Salim!! Tacheng Mayor's Office is gone. Command, this is Lance Corporal Suhara Sheikh on duty at Taching Mayor's Office. We have a bomb explosion here. I need urgent assistance."

The incoherent words from the LC was noted by the Command post of RCPF in Urumqi. They immediately tasked the S-RECO assigned to the sector to zoom in to the site and were horrified.

"Oh Lord. The building is flattened. All Tacheng units, we have a Code 106 at Mayor's Office. Notify the fire stations nearby immediately."


The Code 106, notifying possible terrorism had brought a spurt of activity across the city. Troopers all over the city were getting warning orders to their shocking disbelief.


Sgt. Thomas Chacko was patrolling in the Urumqi Grand Bazaar with 2 other troopers. The warning message from Command radio net alarmed them. However apart from the warning they had not received any orders yet. As he was scanning the area he noted two youths standing around 100 ft apart staring at him with a particular loathing. Chacko was confused. Then he saw them look at each other and reach into their jackets.

"Nooo." Chacko screamed and reached for his pistol. However the harm was done. Another explosion rent the Bazaar apart. Several shrapnel tore through the Sergeant's body and he knew that he was dying. However horrible the truth might be it was quite lucid enough for this experienced policeman. Summoning the last reserves of his life he keyed his radio and said, "Command, Sgt. Chacko, Grand Bazaar........ suicide bombers. Bazaar.... Suicide bombers..... 2 of them...."

"This is Command speaking, Sgt. Chacko, repeat what you just said. Sgt Chacko!!"

But the radio was screaming dumbly in the hands of a person dead.


"Sir, we have had two massive explosions. One at Tacheng Mayor's Office and one at the Urumqi Grand Bazaar............. Yes Sir, I am not joking. This is a grave emergency................ Sir, I need to lock the city down. Code Red, Sir.................... Thank You."

Maj. Gen. Syed Abdali was shaking with rage. He had just finished talking with the Governor of Xinjiang, Dr. Fang Gan.

"Okay, listen up. I want all armed police units in the streets now. All government offices must have armed troopers. Tool up all Airborne units. Come ON!! Move it!!"

The roars from the diminutive general crated an explosion of activity.

Units of Armed Reserve Police Force were even now boarding their BTR90s and Tatra trucks to race to Urumqi. Blackhawks and Bell 212s of Airborne Police Force were out in full strength over the skies. Armed policemen were racing to reach various government offices in a bid to prevent further calamities.


The placid atmosphere of the Urumqi Grand Library was rent asunder by two explosions in its lobby. The security guard had asked two youths to keep their backpacks in its cubicles when they detonated the devices.


The General Hospital's security complement had been alerted after the first radio warning. They could not however enforce any close down as patients were coming. However the 15 strong security detachment threw a cordon at the entrances of the hospital. At the main entrance the Captain commanding the detail was instructing a man to remove his backpack when he detonated the bomb.

Listening to the radio net was his Lieutenant and on hearing the death of his Captain he scanned around in fury. He then saw a man approaching the cordon calmly.

He was reaching inside his jacket.

Trusting his instincts the Lieutenant drew his service automatic and fired a burst of 9mm rounds into the head of the suspect. A sergeant ran up to the body and examined him.

He was wired to be a bomb.


The University was having an examination so extraneous crowds were very less. The ARPF troopers cordoned it off while other troopers raced in to evacuate the students and staff.

Here too the ARPF troopers managed to shoot the bombers, who were unfortunate in that no student would have come in to the University at such a time.


At the press office the troopers of ARPF were late by a few minutes. As their Axe jeeps were racing in, they saw the detonation of the bombs and saw the building collapse.


At the Police Headquarters, security was absolutely foolproof. The suicide bombers seeing futility of attempting to break in detonated themselves in the streets, killing off many and injuring many more.

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"Your Excellency, we have a serious issue in Xinjiang. Today there were 7 suicide bomb attacks in various parts of the city. Only at the University could we prevent the attack. We have about 50 people dead and 130 people wounded including 8 police troopers."

Dr. Fang Gan informed the King.

"Sir, we responded as fast as we could but the attacks were too organized and we did not have much of a response time, " Maj. Gen. Syed Abdali said.

"Were there no warnings? What does CBI have to say about this?" the King asked.

"Sir, after the riots we had intensified surveillance on the TULT leaders. Our informers in TULT did not give us any warning at all. We believe this is the initiative of a new faction in TULT," Lt. Gen. Harisena Varma, Director of CBI said.

"Gentlemen, warning or no warning, I want Xinjiang to be on a very high level of alert. Gen. Varma , I authorize use of maximum surveillance on all Uighurs all over the Kingdom. But bear in mind, I want only passive surveillance. They are our subjects after all. Gen. Faraz, make sure that CBI gets everything they want, assets, manpower, anything."

"Yes Sir." Gen. Mohammed Faraz, Commander of RCPF.

"Maj. Gen. Abdali, however fast your reaction time was it was not enough. It is your province, it is your city yet you were unable to develop actionable intelligence about these terrorists. I shall give you one more chance. I want all of these terrorists locked up. You may use non lethal force unconditionally and when called for lethal force. But make sure whom you take action against. I dont want any innocents hurt, do you understand me. Meantime security in all public places in Xinjiang must be foolproof. Be it schools, colleges, mosques, temples, hospitals, anything. Deploy your men and instruments as needed. I repeat do not harm any innocents."

"Yes, Sir," Maj. Gen.Abdali said in a slight voice.

"Okay, gentlemen I wish you good luck."


"So Syed. How are you feeling?" Gen. Mohammed Faraz asked the DIG of Xinjiang.

"This is not the time for jokes, Faraz. How would you feel if the King tore you a new hole in your posterior?"

"Never mind. Are you confident that you have men and assets needed for this operation?"

"I might need the full force of ARPF and APF for this mission. But I think it might not be enough."

"Ok. I shall send you three additional battalions of ARPF and on more battalion of Airborne Police Force. That should do. Do you have all assets you need?"

"I have enough metal detectors for every building in the Xinjiang. I might need another unit of dog squads. One of my Belgian Malinois had to be put down recently."

"So what is going to be your strategy, Syed?"

"Show of force. Every public place shall have Armed police troopers patrolling, 24X7. All throughfares will have metal detectors and sensitive areas will be assigned sniffer dogs. I plan to use full S-RECO coverage of the cities. However we do not have much defense against dedicated suicide bombers. We have to strike back at them at the source else nothing shall work."

"Syed, can you handle it on your own. Would we have to call in the army?"

"And let you lose face? No. We shall be able to handle it on our own. The ARPF are quite able infantry men of their own worth and we have our SWAT team for sharper work. Manpower issues will be solved with those three battalions. I will however need more intelligence backing in Urumqi."

"Lt. Gen. Harisena Varma is as of now preparing a sizable team to assist you. They also have some tricks of the trade that you might love."

"Ah! Anyway that is all for now. I must get back to Urumqi soon. See you soon, my friend."

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Usman and Aadil knew the lockdown of Xinjiang would be implemented. This government was to predictable as Usman said. Now it was simple, just manipulate the paranoid cops and gain more support.

Three students, Rahim, Ali and Saleem were equipped with nothing. Just three normal college boys supporting the TULT. Their orders were to were large coats and near policemen act as if they are pulling some cord or something as if they are set with bombs, when they actually aren't. The police would most probably shoot they would die knowing they greatened the cause for a free Xinjiang. Yes, it was a perfect idea, the cops would become monsters in the eyes of the public and the peoples of Xinjiang would join TULT. A Mass Rebellion costing millions for the government. It was sweet revenge. Usman also decided to use his set of Shenyang S-4 trainer crafts into equipped bomb carriers. Since the nearby ammunition factory was supporting their cause. Or could be kamikaze pilots. Either way Usman's only goal was to cause the government 1 billion in repairs for the death of his brother.

-----------1100 Hours, Urumqi Bus Terminus------------

Rahim was sitting reading the papers about the latest happenings in Urumqi. He saw a couple of guards walking buy and immediately put his hand into his court hoping for a reaction from the cops. He was trained to make it look as if he was pulling the trigger.

-----------1105 Hours, Urumqi Industrial Corridor----------

Saleem was listening to music when he heard cops talking in the nearby canteen. He tugged the inside of his jacket, as if he was pulling the cord.

-----------1110 Hours, Urumqi Primary School------------

Ali was actually packed with explosives. The Schools were one of the most protected areas in the city. He was going to pull his jacket cord, to rip apart Southern Urumqi.

OOC: I hope this ain't extremes. :P

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Lt. Parvesh Singh was patrolling with his Sgt in Urumqi Bus Station when he saw a disheveled man reaching into his coat pocket. He knew that he could not be so paranoid. After all people put their hands in jackets for any number of reasons and cold was merely one of them. However it was the eyes that they were watching for.

The disheveled man was sleepy. Either he was a non threat or he was an excellent actor playing his last drama before a fiery death. However it did not seem like it.

As they watched the man retrieved a hip flask from his pocket and downed the fiery contents in a gulp.

Parvesh was not particularly scared about dying. What he was worried about was what would happen if an explosion occurred in this crowd. Besides they were all issued with CORM full body armor.

As he scanned the crowds he caught sight of another young man. He looked Uighur. He was reaching inside his coat jacket but there was nothing innocent in his eyes. He was mocking him, daring him.

Parvesh suddenly realized what it was about. This was a Bomber.

He knew that there was no alternative.

He leaped on to the bomber and reached inside his coat in a bid to stop the detonation.

The suspect and the officer fell in a crump on the pavement and other members of the detail rushed in. The suspect was handcuffed and taken away.


Sgt. Vasco Gomez was driving by with his team in their AXE jeep when they saw a suspicious looking person eying the canteen where a couple of police troopers were having tea. His eyes boring in on the canteen the youth could not see the Sergeant and a Private getting down from the jeep and walking past him with a Belgian Malinois dog at the leash. The sniffer dog was trained to detect all manner of explosives and did not even give a second glance at the youth sitting there.

Perhaps he is waiting for a bus. It is cold after all.

The Sergeant then was picked up by the Axe and proceeded on his patrol.


Capt. Akbar Sheikh was in charge of the security of Marian Primar School. He and his team of 25 ARPF troopers had set up a solid security perimeter for this most high profile of all soft targets.

Some of his men were in plain cloths and posing us as street vendors outside the compound. Just inside the shack was a sniffer dog to detect explosives. The main gate was closed and people coming in had to pass through a smaller personnel gate built into the walls of the school. The ARPF team had improvised a concealed metal detector on to the frame of the door and for further deception a overt metal detector set was placed inside the compound with 3 troopers for examination.

As they were watching they saw a young man enter the doorway. The alarms were already on. As he passed the stockaded corridor to the metal detectors he passed the security shack where the sniffer dog gave a bark denoting the detection of explosives. The bark from an unseen dog startled the suspect who motioned his hand towards his jacket. At that point a fusilade of bullets rained upon him.

A Sergeant went up to the body and checked. He was wired.

It was almost time for the pre schoolers to go home after a morning their blocks and crayons. Capt Sheikh is a father of a toddler. He sighed a relief at the horror averted and prayed an oath of vengeance against the terrorists wreaking havoc on his people.

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"Well that is interesting. It is one of ours. This is RDX manufactured at the Ordinance Factory, Urumqi!" The Chief Forensic Investigator informed the DIG.

"What? How can that be possible?" Maj. Gen. Syed Abdali fumed.

"The how part you have to find out , sir. I can even tell you which batch it is from."

"Very well. Give me a detailed report. I will take care of that traitor myself."


"Yes, Gen. Zachariah, the batch number is OU157250609...... Yes...... You handle it or I handle it?........... Ok. Thank You....."

"Thank You , Gen. Abdali. I will take care of this, " said Maj. Gen. Sandeep Zachariah, Commander of Quarter Master Corps.

His next call was to the Director of Ordinance Factory, Urumqi.


"Colonel, I want the information and the information better be actionable. I also want him alive and healthy at the end of it to properly enjoy His Majesty's hospitality for a long time. Do you understand me?"

DIG of Xinjiang , Maj. Gen. Syed Abdali asked Col. Chet Nomuri, the interrogator from CBI.

"Yes Sir. We have a few non intrusive tricks. He will sing as a canary. They always do by the time I am over with them."

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DATE: 25-08-2009



SERVICE CODE: P1354313481461


CASE: X09170

I: Hello. Good Morning. How are you feeling.


I: Could you state your name for the record?


I: You do know that you are required to state your name and national identification number to a police official when asked for aren't you?


I: Why are you making it hard on yourselves. By not cooperating with such simple questions you are only further incriminating yourselves. You have nothing to be afraid of.

S: Afraid? I am not afraid of pigs like you.

xx Subject spits at Interrogator xx

I: So you are not afraid? Then why were you NOT wearing your explosive jacket?

S: Because I am not a suicide bomber, you fool!!! You are just harassing me because I am an Uighur. FREE TURKESTAN!!!

I: It is true that you were not a suicide bomber when we arrested you yesterday afternoon. However we did find faint traces of RDX on your cloths. Rahim you are a college student. Your father works in Telephones Department . Your mother is a housewife. There is no innocuous reason for you to have traces of RDX in you. So tell me did you chicken out? Did your superiors send you to the station unarmed because they knew that you did not have the guts to pull the cord and be part of the atmosphere?

S: I did not need bombs to become a martyr, your people would have shot me and I would have become a greater martyr to the Cause.

I: Ah! I see. Quite interesting. Surely your superiors must think of us as pretty stupid to fall for old fashioned tricks like that. As usual contempt breeds under estimation. Unfortunately for you, my friend, that is not a mistake the Kingdom shall do with regards to your organization. Now tell me, who ordered you to this mission?

S: I shall speak no more. You may kill me, but I shall not speak more.

I: Oh you will speak. I have no doubts about it. Orderly, administer Sodium Pentothal.

xx 30 cc of Sodium Pentothal applied to the subject xx


"Aadil Imran? Head of Public Affairs and Internal Affairs? Ok.... Former Propaganda and Intelligence Head? Also Ombudsman? Hmm. Thank you, Col. Nomuri. You have indeed done an excellent work," Maj. Gen. Syed Abdali said before setting down the receiver.

"Okay Gentlemen. Our first target is Aadil Imran. He seems to be the mastermind. I also want to track down Aasim Muhammad, the head of TULT. Find them, track them and locate their bases and focal points."

The various operators of CBI task force started scouring the masses of data in the National Data Repository for any strikes on the wanted names. Meanwhile beat policemen in all parts of Urumqi started raising their informers to find more intelligence.

Within two hours, Aadil Imran's bio data was being formed at the Police Headquarters. Already a couple of S-RECOs were tasked to follow his every movements.

Word was out. Aadil Imran is wanted by Police. Alive.

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"Dear citizens,

You have all seen and heard the terrors that shook Urumqi. These bombings were conducted by a group calling themselves The Uighur Liberation Tigers. They claim as their motive the independence of Xinjiang. They claim they want liberation from the oppressive Cochin Government.

My dear citizens, I ask you to think about this yourself. Do not be confused by propaganda by either sides.

These so called liberators are nothing but terrorists, criminals. They have been in existence for many years but we have not done any action against them, since they were non violent. Would that be the act of an oppressive government? No. We started acting against them the day they turned violent.

You all may remember that day when riots shook the Governor's Palace in Urumqi and 3 young men were killed in a stampede. That violence was choreographed by this TULT.

In a bid to seek attention, to cripple our great nation, these cowards conducted seven suicide bomb attacks. Countless lives were lost. Many of us are without our husbands, wives, parents and children because of those dastardly attacks. Are they freedom fighters? No.

Yesterday they launched three even more cowardly attacks against us seeking to demonize us. The brave troopers of Royal Cochin Police Force foiled these attacks and captured some of those criminals.

I say to all members of TULT. Lay down your weapons. Surrender before the Police. If you continue this terrorism we shall strike back at you. The lives of our citizens are very precious to us. Harm them to your own peril.

My dear citizens, I implore you to rise up against this menace. Shelter them not, aid them not, cause their only aim is to destroy your lives.

Thank You."

"This is Nikesh Kumar from GNN. Well, that was a quite unequivocal statement from the King. Xinjiang is under complete curfew for past week and several units of Armed Reserve Police Force have been deployed to the Province. The Army however has not been called to provide assistance. The thinking in the government circles is that the RCPF is quite able to handle this problem on their own. Let us all hope so."

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DATE: 25-08-2009



SERVICE CODE: P1354313481461


CASE: X09170

I: Hello Colonel. How are you feeling today?

S: Look I dont know anything. I dont know anything. I did not do it.

I: If you are truly innocent you shall walk out of here a free man, Bismil. We only want to clear some facts.

S: I dont even know why you are questioning me! What did I do?

I: You are here because you stole 0.5 tonnes of RDX from the Ordinance Factory Urumqi. Do you deny it.

S: I did not do it. I never signed out for any amount of explosives.

I: Of course you did not sign out for anything. You thought you were being smart by declaring those batches defective and taking them out for destruction.

S: I did destroy them. It is all in the records.

I: No you did not, Colonel. I will tell you how I know that. Each explosive carton contained an RFID tag built into it. Sensors in the main gate noted its being going out. Of course since there was a convoy going out at that time you thought you could fool the sensors. But the sensors noted the time and a CCTV camera noted the vehicle going out. Your Mahindra SUV had the same time stamp as the RFID tags. Of course no alert was sounded then because of some ineptness by the guards, but that is a different matter altogether.

S: No.

I: Yes Colonel Wahab. You betrayed the trust placed on you by the Kingdom. You are a traitor. Now tell me who is your contact in TULT.

S: My lips are sealed.

I: Not for long, my dear Bismil, not for long.

S: Orderly, administer Sodium Pentothal

xx 30 cc of Sodium Penthothal applied to the subject xx

xx Time lapse of 30 minutes xx

I: Tell me Bismil, dont you think those explosions were terrific?

S: Yes.

I: Did you enjoy making those bombs?

S: Oh Yes......... One up on those Cochin b______s.

I: Quite invective you are. Now tell me who told you to get those explosives out?


I: Come on, you can tell me, I just wanted to congratulate him personally. Such wonderful work.

S: Must..... Not...... Tell.........

I: Bismil you know that I am part of the Cause! Tell me the name of our hero!

S: Yes.... Must..... Not..... Tell......

I: Hmm, this is going nowhere. He has been too deeply doctrined and well trained. I think it is time for sensory deprivation chamber. 6 hours to start.


"Sir, Col. Wahab is well trained on interrogation resistance. I studied his personnel file. He has never received that from us. In fact I dont think that is part of training regimen of Army Supply Corps."

"So you think he received it from someone else?"

"Yes. And it must be some one well trained and motivated. Like fighter pilots."

"Scary thought indeed. Anyway let me look for some one within those parameters. Another job well done, Col. Namuri."

"Just doing my duty, Sir."

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Aadil Imran was being followed by RCPF ever since his name cropped up in interrogation. His National Identification Card details were retrieved which included his finger print and voice print. All his telephones and cellular phones were monitored.

From observing his movements RCPF quietly started picking TULT activists one by one.

Some resisted apprehension and resorted to violence. This led to the shooting down of 6 TULT activists. Nearly 300 TULT activists have been arrested by Urumqi Police. They have all been sent to Central Prison at Yining.

Now that the grass level activists have been picked up Aadil Imran himself is the target.


"Control, this is Bravo Five. Subject exiting from apartment and entering a black Mahindra Logan, License XJ01 AB4389."

"Okay, Bravo Five. We copy you," the controller clicked off the phone and told a colleague.

"Track XJ01 AB4389. Track the vehicle using SR1."

Col. Chet Nomuri is sitting in a Police Blackhawk orbiting the Urumqi Sky observing and collating information from the surveillance. He saw the target vehicle appearing as a beacon on SR1's feed and the optical cameras zooming on to the vehicle.

He now had sufficient information about Imran to arrest and prosecute him. Surveillance on him had led to a total crack down on TULT's organization. Operations were planned to simultaneously apprehend the top level leaders of TULT including Aasim Muhammad. All the bases and meeting centers of TULT had been identified and were under intense surveillance for over a week.

It was now time to bring them all down.

Col. Chet Nomuri keyed his radio and said, "Control,this is Col. Nomuri. We launch Operation Manassas in 10 minutes." The controllers set to convey the orders to various hit teams dispersed in Urumqi to apprehend various leaders and to capture various meeting places.


Imran's sedan is stopped at a traffic signal. Just as lights are about to turn green three Scorpio SUVs screech to a halt blocking any further movement. SWAT troopers jumped down from the SUV's to apprehend the shocked and stunned Aadil Imran and two others in his car. After hooding and hand cuffing the three of them were taken to the three SUVs while yet another SWAT trooper started the sedan. The 4 vehicles then left from the traffic signal. The entire sequence of events happened in a span of 30 seconds which bewildered civilian spectators nearby.


Aasim Muhammad lives in a 2 storied house in the Uighur Colony. Taking him down would be a tricky affair at best. For several days police troopers in civilian clothing were observing he house through their MAGIS sets. They now had a comprehensive information about the building's layout, people inside and where they are. A total of 5 MAGIS sets were being operated around Aasim's house.

As the Go order came for Operation Manassas a SWAT Blackhawk was flying around the colony like it had been for the past many days. It had become a common sight for the Blackhawks to fly over the city since the terrorist attacks.

Now the Blackhawk seemingly on a routine patrol flared down above the roof of Aasim Muhammad's house. At the same time non uniformed troopers in surrounding buildings threw sleeping gas canisters through various windows through slingshots so that no one else would know of their presence. SWAT troopers in gas masks rappelled down the Blackhawk and went through the whole house searching for everyone present. At the same time trucks and BTR90s of ARPF entered the colony and made for Muhammad's house. By the time the first Police truck reached the house the SWAT team had handcuffed every inhabitant of the house including Aasim Muhammad and took them to the roof. There they were picked up by 2 more Blackhawks which had come and taken to the Police Headquarters. The SWAT troopers departed in their own Blackhawk and the ARPF troopers secured the house while a team of investigators from CBI came to the sweep the whole house for further evidences.


Around 8 other high officials of TULT were apprehended at the same time. There was a brief fire fight at one place where a SWAT troopers was shot in his arm and the shooter was shot dead.

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A black Mercedes Benz is driving down the streets of Urumqi. At this time of night, when most people are in bed the traffic is scarce and the sedan is going quite briskly.

As it entered the Uighur Colony, the driver and 2 other passengers tensed. As security professionals they hated to take their charge anywhere with such light protection, especially in a locality made even more dangerous by recent events.

However their charge had deemed it to be so and they did not have the ability to persuade him to the contrary.

The sedan drove to the Al Aqsa Mosque in the center of the Uighur colony.

Arriving at the blue tiled mosque the 2 soldiers jumped out to form a feeble periphery as their charge exited from the car.

The three men were met by a middle aged man who led them inside. Removing their footwear outside, they followed in.

Finally the group reached an inner antechamber deep within the mosque where their guide opened the door. Beckoning his guards to stay to their chagrin, the man walked in.

Haji Pir Muhammed is the Imam of Al Aqsa Mosque, a theological scholar and the spiritual leader of Uighurs worldwide. In his spartan room the Imam was perusing an ancient Quran when the walked in.

"Greetings Your Excellency, it is indeed an honor to meet you."

"The honor is entirely mine, Sir. It is not very often that one is granted audience before one so learned and wise as yourself," Rama Varma, the King of Cochin replied.

"You flatter me too much, Your Excellency. So tell me, how may this humble priest serve you?"

"The Uighur Liberation Tigers."

"Ah! Those misdirected youth. How sad their antics are."

"Sir, I am glad to hear that opinion coming from you."

"However unwise their actions are, one wonders if their grievances are not justified?"

"Sir, do you mean the wish for a free Turkestan, on the models of Altin Urda?"

"Of course not in the model of Altin Urda, however a free Turkestan nevertheless."

"Sir, please tell me frankly. What changes have come to Xinjiang ever since establishment of my Kingdom?"

"Only good changes. True, but."

"Today Xinjiang is prosperous, its people have jobs, peace and prosperity. Sir, correct me if I am wrong, was not the Urumqi's always under siege throughout their history? From Mongols, Turks and Hans? Have we not provided safety, peace and prosperity? Tell me Sir, is an Uighur considered a secondary citizen in the Kingdom?"

"It is true what you are saying, Uighurs today know more freedom and prosperity than they ever knew."

"And never more will the Urumqi's or any other adherents of the Islamic Faith be ever oppressed. Though I am a Hindu, a pagan according to your faith, have I not establish true secularism in this nation? Are not many of my top officials Uighurs? I presume you know my Commander of Police, Gen. Mohammed Faraz."

"Yes, it was he after all who arranged this meeting."

"Sir, the TULT are a mere terrorist organization, and I need your cooperation to deal with them as such. Murder of innocents is not something Islam looks on with favor, as I am sure you know. Tell me what do you think about the attacks on all those children and innocents in Urumqi?"

"Hateful. Truly satanic."

"Then I would request you to advice your people so. I am going to root out those criminals and I need your help. Murder of any innocent is hurtful to me. The criminals of TULT shall be apprehended and punished severely. I need your moral support for it."

"That you shall have."

"Thank You, in that case my mission is fulfilled."

"I too am glad to have had this conversation, Your Highness."

"The Kingdom owes you , Sir. Perhaps you could conduct a prayer at our Great Temple in Cochin one day?"

"Yes that would be truly great. Thank You."

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Xinjiang is finally at peace. The arrested criminals from TULT have been tried. Those people who had direct involvement in the killings received death sentences. Support personnel received varying terms of prison sentences. Students arrested who have not committed violent crimes have received many hours of community service.

Countless caches of explosives and arms have been seized. Haji Pir Muhammed had made several addresses before the Uighurs and the lingering sympathies for TULT were irrevocably crushed.

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"Sir we have tracked down Usman Dawamet," Col. Chet Nomuri told to Maj. Gen. Syed Abdali.

"Okay. Where is he? Sir we have intelligence that he and a group of 4 terrorists have escaped from the Kingdom to Bayankhongor."

"How did they escape?" the General asked angrily.

"Sir, Usman Dawamet is a very cunning criminal. He drove to the borders in a White Ford Endeavor 4x4 which was stolen a week back. That particular case was handled routinely and it was tracked leaving Govi Altai Province yesterday. We know it was him using that car now because a few hours ago a phone call was made from a fuel station near the borders by one of his men to his home here in Urumqi. That number was being watched for some time. We have inspected the CCTV tapes from the fuel station and we have positive identification on Usman from the fuel station clerk. The time stamps match perfectly. The RFID signals from the vehicle was the final indicator. This was an early Ford Endeavor before RFIDs were standardized, which did however have it as a custom feature. Most probably Usman did not know of the custom feature."

"So now he is out of the Kingdom. Okay I shall take care of it from here. Excellent work , Colonel."

"I serve the Kingdom, Sir." the Colonel saluted the General and went out of the room.

Maj. Gen. Syed Abdali immediately called his superior Gen. Mohammed Faraz. It was no longer a Police operation.


The Merat had lifted off from FAB Govi Altai and flew on a course that closely hugged the Kingdom's borders. Its down looking transceiver finally located the faint beep coming from the distant transponder. From the current data the Sergeant manning the controls figured out an approximate range of 30 kms. At least the signal was stationary now.

Following the receipt of the signal bearings a Raptor high altitude UAV lifted off from Govi Altai. Flying at an altitude which caused no chance of contrails the stealth aircraft crossed the borders of Cochin and entered another country. Though allies this mission could technically be considered espionage and repercussions could be severe. So the Raptor also had 3 kgs of High Explosive built into its body to self detonate if compromised.

Finally the Raptor tracked the signal. The SUV was parked by a cottage on a remote farm. After taking many pictures of the cottage and surrounding terrain the Raptor returned back to Cochin air space.

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It was night around 9 o'clock when the Metac landed at the Forward Air Base Govi Altai. Once it landed it taxied off to the secure hangar. 8 men came out of the 4 engine turboprop aircraft and then proceeded to take out the 8 MILSPEC containers they had brought with them. Inside the hangar was a black painted MH53 helicopter which had come in a scant minutes before them. The 5 crew members of the helicopter and the 8 commandos started donning their uniforms for the mission.

The team from 23 Special Forces Regiment were briefed on their mission on their flight over from their regimental headquarters. The helicopters were being filled in on the operation. The helicopter crew and commandos had mutual respect through the number of operations they did together. In Royal Cochin Special Forces the aviators and shooters were all part of the same team.

As the last of their web gear were being donned, the crew of the helicopter checked out the various components including the 3 Gatling cannons at the two side doors and the rear door.

At 11 o clock the troops got inside the helicopter and mission started.

The helicopter was refueled by the Metac just before the borders and then the Special Forces MH53 dove to the deck on a terrain hugging profile. Air defense radars and border emplacements were being skirted narrowly as the MH53 proceeded to the target. Maintaining an altitude of 50 ft above ground the helicopter flew the 30 km towards the target cottage. At the DZ about 5 km away from the cottage the commandos left the helicopter and set out on foot.

All the commandos were armed with Night Vision Goggles and the miniature Magis sets to detect ambushes and human presence. Crouching silently they moved towards the cottage. Reaching the cottage the troops spread out. The point man went around the perimeter checking for any sentry. The Lieutenant commanding the team checked the cross referenced Magis readings on his field PDA and determined that all 5 targets were inside the cottage itself. Their individual locations were determined by the intelligence specialist who placed 3 Magis/acoustic sensors on three sides of the building. 3 subjects were in the main hall, one subject in a room near the southern wall and one subject in the room near the western wall which had the second entrance to the building.

Finally having gained a comprehensive idea of the situation the raid was launched.

First the demo sergeant attached flashbangs on to the windows and to the entrance doors. On the signal from the Lieutenant the charges were triggered and the commandos rushed in. In the main hall the three subjects were sitting stunned before a TV with a now shattered screen. Incapacitating darts were fired at him using the 9 mm Pistol and they were subdued. Meanwhile 2 soldiers proceeded to the Southern room where Usman Dawamet was slowly raising his pistol to fire at the oncoming commandos. A short burst from one of the Commandos finished him on the spot. At the second entrance the exploding door slammed the fifth terrorist on the head and that along with the Dart fired at his arm disarmed him.

Having secured the building the Lieutenant ordered everybody out, including the body of Usman Dawamet and he signaled the MH53 to come to them. As the helicopter arrived he demo specialist rigged the cottage for arson with kerosene and propane found in the kitchen. As the helicopter lifted off the trigger was keyed and the cottage exploded into a fiery ball thus incinerating any piece of evidence that RCSF commandos were ever there in this foreign country.

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