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8BR Green Team & URANIUM


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Everyone START TRADING! I know we only need one more person but lets just Begin.

8BR Trade Circle - Long TERM - AQUA TEAM ONLY

Microchips, Radiation Cleanup, Construction, Scholars, Steel, Asphalt, Automobiles, and BEER!!


Income: +$13.5

Citizens: +8%

Happiness: +10

Infra cost: -35.2%

Tech cost: -12.6%

Land cost: -10%

Land bonus: +38%

Environment: +2

Env. Penalty: -50%


Soldier eff: +42.6%

Soldier cost: -$6

CM cost: -20%

Nukes cost: -20%

Tanks cost: -8%

Navy cost: -27.3%

Aircraft cost: -15.2%

Aircraft Limit: +10


Infra UpK: -23.7%

Soldier Upk: -$0.5

Tank Upk: -17%

Nuke Upk: -60%

Navy Upk: -38.4%

Aircraft Upk: -25%


Oil: kazaa123


Gold: Alexander Kerensky

Coal: Mortimer Jenson

Lumber: Remington

Lead: Mortimer Jenson

Marble: kazaa123


Rubber: God Emperor of Man

Wheat: Alexander Kerensky

Water: God Emperor of Man

Uranium: Remington

Edited by Remington
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