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In a violent and unforgiving world a select few go out and try to find peace. Along the way they found.. the Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary is a alliance based on Black. A Sanctuary for all those who need healing, need protection, or just need a home. We will be Protected and loved by UBD.


The Sanctuary is a place where one can find peace in a Cyber World full of conflict. The law of the Sanctuary is to be known as the “Book.” It is to be held to heart by all Sanctuary members and is to be followed by all members.

Article I: Membership

A ) Applications

In order to become a member of Sanctuary you must post a application in the right area of the Forums and it must be approved by either the Praetor of Recruitment, the Praetor of the Interior, or a Consul. If a Praetor rejects him then the Consuls can veto that Praetors Decision and that applicant can become a member.

B ) Member Behavior

Honor, humbleness, and Courage is the Representation of a Sanctuary member . It is for that reason, that the “Book” all members, even Consuls need to know they are not above the “Book” and are to uphold these principles at all costs.

C ) Member Removal

The Consuls hold the right to remove a member from the Sanctuary whenever they deem fit. If a member decides to leave they must announce it on the forums and wait a designated 13 Hours before they may leave. They must also repay any financial obligations to the Alliance.

All members reserve the right to leave Sanctuary at all times as long as the following conditions are met:

- The Member posts a resignation thread at the designated area

- Fulfil any military or financial obligations imposed on them.

- The member has not conducted any form of espionage or any forms of aggression against Sanctuary and her associates.

Article II: The Government

A ) The Consuls of The Sanctuary

The Consuls of the Sanctuary are the 2 highest authorities in the Sanctuary. They oversee the day to day business of the Alliance. They are not elected, but are there serving for life or until one resigns. They can overrule any decision of the Sanctuary and have the final say in Foreign Affairs.

B ) The Praetors

The Praetors are the Ministers for say of the Sanctuary. They are experienced and respected members of the Sanctuary. They oversee important issues of the alliance and report to Consuls. The departments are: Praetor of Defense, Praetor of the Interior, Praetor of Recruitment, and Praetor of Foreign Affairs. They are to be elected every 3 Months. They will meet in a Praetor council and Propose ideas and hold meetings with the Consuls. They can be impeached with the vote of 3 Praetors and the two Consuls. In the event of a Criminal charge the Praetor council will serve as a jury.

C ) The Grand Praetor

The Grand Praetor of the Sanctuary is a experienced member of the Sanctuary. He will serve as a Advisor to the Consuls and the Head of the Praetor Consul. He is appointed by the Consuls. He will also serve as a judge in case of a Criminal event in the Sanctuary. He is also a stand in Consul when a Consul is absent.

Article III: Treaties

To pass a treaty it must have a ¾ vote of the Praetors and the Scribe’s vote. It is then put to the Consuls. If vetoed by the Consuls then it can go back through the Praetor Council, if passed again it can go back to the Consuls. If vetoed again by the Consuls then the Treaty has failed and cannot go through the Praetor Council again. It takes both Consuls approval for it to pass, in the case one has voted and the other is absent for 48 hours. The Grand Praetor will take over the absent Consuls vote.

Article IV: Policies

A ) Nuclear Policy

When fighting a defensive war, members of The Sanctuary are allowed to use nuclear first strikes. However a Sanctuary member may never use a Nuke in an Offensive war or use it as a bargaining chip.

B ) Raiding Policy

The Sanctuary strongly condemns tech raiding. For we Believe it goes against everything we stand for. If caught tech raiding, the nation will be charged with Raiding and be brought to the Sanctuary court.

C ) War Policy

Unauthorized attacks on affiliated nations are not allowed, unless specifically ordered to by the government. Violation of this article will be met with punishment, which will be dealt in the Court. We are an alliance that is a haven from war, we do not promote yet we don’t condemn it.

D ) Espionage

Members of Sanctuary hold the right to purchase spies for security purposes. Members will not spy against other nations unless ordered to. The use of spies against Sanctuary is viewed as an act of aggression, the nation in question may face ZI. However diplomacy will be used before any kind of retaliation.

Article V: Amendments

In order to amend the “Book”, approval from Consuls is necessary. If approved by Consuls it will then go to the Praetor Council. It will need a 80% vote to be passed and have the “Book” amended. It takes both Consuls approval for it to pass, in the case one has voted and the other is absent for 48 hours. The Grand Praetor will take over the absent Consuls vote.


Much love goes out to UBD for protecting us, and tell Rawdon and CombatPope we got the mudkipz. :D Come and see us at #cn-sanctuary on coldfront :)

OURS FORUMS http://s1.zetaboards.com/CN_Sanctuary/index/

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United Blue Directorate - Sanctuary Protectorate


The United Blue Directorate hereby extends a hand of friendship to the new alliance Sanctuary, guarunteeing their security, independance and prosperity in Planet Bob. This is done so to promote peace and mutual growth between the alliances.

Article I - Sovereignty

This document does not infringe in any way on the sovereignty of these two independant entities, namely the UBD and Sanctuary. None of the terms herein may be used in any way to infringe the independance of the governing bodies of either alliance.

Article II - Peace

The signatories agree to refrain from engaging in warfare with each other for the duration of this treaty and its expiry clauses. Warfare includes declaring war on any nation within either alliance, using spy attacks against individual nations and exploiting unauthorised access to secure areas of either alliance.

Article III - Intelligence

Due to the strong military tones contained within this document it is vital that threats against either alliance are passed quickly, effciently and discreetly between the signatories.

Article IV - Economic Agreement

Both signatories are encouraged to engage in mutually beneficial "tech deals" to further enhance the protective power of the United Blue Directorate and to develop the economy and military strength of Sanctuary, to quicken the process of becoming a mature, developed and stable alliance.

Article V - Protection

The United Blue Directorate is obliged to come to the aid of Sanctuary if it is found to be fighting a defensive war. Sanctuary will not be protected against war if they provoke an attack from a foreign power or decide to fight an aggressive war.

Article VI - Military Assistance

If the United Blue Directorate are fighting any war then Sanctuary may come to their aid in financial or military form if it is requested. However, this is not an enforcable obligation under this agreement.

Article VII - Foreign Affairs

Sanctuary is free to make friends and sign non-military agreements which do not infringe on this treaty, although out of courtesy the UBD should be consulted. Any military agreement must be authorised by the United Blue Directorate whilst this agreement is active so as to ensure that no conflicts of interest arise.

Article VIII - Termination

This agreement may be cancelled by either alliance at any point once a valid reason has been conferred to appropriate government members in a discreet manner. After this the treaty is valid for another 72 hours before a cancellation notice is published publically. Also, once Sanctuary reach and maintain 500k NS for 5 days this treaty is automatically terminated. At this point it is recommended that both parties consider signing an MDP to further cement the trust between them and recognise Sanctuary as an established power in Planet Bob.

Signed for Sanctuary:

Edmond Dantes - Consul

Zurital - Consul

Lilmonkey880 - Grand Praetor

Signed for the United Blue Directorate:

mdnss69 - Director

Russell07 - Director

Slybomber - Director


Please visit us at: http://s1.zetaboards.com/CN_Sanctuary/index/


Edited by Zurital
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And congratulations ye lot!

lilmonkey :wub: better go looking for a new Foreign Affairs Minister now :(

This Blue attempt to colonize Black will fail as others before it.

I see much bigger failures on alliances attempting to join red, but let's not get into that eh? Don't look for fights where there are none.

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good luck ED and congratulations on your new alliance. But now we have to find a new minister of education. :(

btw why doesn't your charter include your government

Edited by Z3000
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good luck ED and congratulations on your new alliance. But now we have to find a new minister of education. :(

btw why doesn't your charter include your government

Yeah... Giving us some form of official notice before jumping ship would have been helpful... <_<

Nonetheless, good luck in your new alliance.

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