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The Horde grows

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The Golden Horde


A Progress Report

   It has been a busy start for the Golden Horde Alliance with the signing of our protectorate with the Rubber Ducky Division and our ODP with The United Blue Directorate. Along with the successful recruitment of many active and driven members making our member base a perfect place to be. We have yet to name the Full government for the Alliance but most of the slots have been filled by the founding members of the alliance:

  • Khan of The Golden Horde: Partisan
  • Beklare-Bek of The Golden Horde: Meyer0095
  • Vizier of Diplomacy: Combat Pope
  • Vizier of War: Rawdon
  • Vizier of Internal Affairs: KingSVH
  • Vizier of Economic Affairs: DeeleeShush
  • Vizier of Recruitment: TBA
  • Darughachi of Internal Affairs (academy):Mylife125

With all other Darughachi positions still yet to be filled.

   The most notable change is the Promotion of Deeleeshush from her old position to the Vizier of Economic Affairs... may she be the only woman commanding the respect of the Golden men.

   The Golden Horde is progressing better than we could have expected, it being hard to find good sheep on the yellow sphere. However with perseverance and the occasional raid on the neighboring clans our sheep count has risen sharply:


   We are looking forward to putting more of our members through our academy soon and perhaps filling the remaining government spots.

   We would like to thank RDD For supporting us through this fledgling period and hope our relations with them and our other treaty partners continue to flourish, thus bringing us growth and, more importantly, friendship.

Those ducks are very tasty...

   oh and... Partisan managed to destroy our stash of fine head gear so... this is our latest photo:



Combat Pope

Vizier of Diplomacy

The Golden Horde

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