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When the Hanseatic League in Finland was destroyed with a Nuclear Weapon, we gifted the people a small portion of our land, in which they could live, under their own government, until the crisis has past. The crisis, has past, and the government has disolved. So we present this question to the citizens who inhabit the land mentioned, should the governance of that land pass back to New Cymru?

Because of the great respect we have for Sarah Tintagyl, we would not consider asking for the City of Brisbane, which was part of the gift, but only the land south of the border of regions once known as Queensland and New South Wales. As most inhabitants of the region are native Cymry in any case, we would be lying if we said we did not care about their future. Furthermore, for those who do not wish to stay, in the case of an affirmative majority, we will be offering a sum of no less than 275,000 New Cymrieg Pounds per Household as a repatriation gift, as well as covering any moving costs they may incur. That figure being the average figure for a middle class family of four.

So go now, and vote on the future of your people. A stable and caring ally or a stranger claiming a title they do not justly deserve.

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