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CAU Military Movements, Research, etc.

Markus Wilding

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Operation name: D.E.F.E.N.D.E.R.S.

Project acronym meaning: Classified

Project status: In Progress

Project outline:

Approx. a third of all CAU military is to patrol the borders constantly, on the lookout for any and all aggresive actions. Squads wil be armed with the following:

M1 Carbine (2)
M1 Thompson (1, NCO or CO)
M1 Garand with Sniper scope (1, given to squad's best sharpshooter)
Browning M1919 (1, able to be handled and fire by 1 man with help from deployable Bipod)

M1 Thompson (NCO or CO)
M1 Garand w/ Scope (Sharpshooter)
M1918 BAR (Gunner)

*************Highly classified*************

Operation OIL

Project status: Beginning stages

Project objective: Classified

Project outline:

Send 1 Armored Division to CAU-Texas border. All men armed with choice of the following:

M1 Carbine (15 or 30-round magazine)

M1 Garand (Scoped or Grenade launcher)

M1 Thompson (NCOs or CO only)

M1918 BAR

Browning M1919

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