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Message from Deep in the Bush

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Don't worry. We're putting together a team to come up with more witty things that have to do with green. We're looking to work in some safari jargon. But seriously, we know how much you guys love this trite stuff regarding jungles and jungle-themed songs, so we'll most likely keep it coming.

Starting in mid-July, the alliances of the United Jungle Accords agreed that expanding the ivy to tie us together with new friends on green was a great idea. Over the past month, we've welcomed Pandemic, Phoenix Rising, World Federation, and Tetris under the Accords and I am pleased to present this announcement for the purpose of recognizing their communal entry. Congratulations to all of you guys, and may we continue to prosper on Green!

Nota Bene: The Green Protection Agency, the Green Old Party, and the 'In memoriam' alliances do not vote on admissions into the UJA, and thus their signatures are not included in this announcement. I know that caused some confusion last time around.


The United Jungle Accords


We, the undersigned alliances, as members of the Green Trading Sphere, recognizing our mutual, natural, and undeniable duties to defend, preserve, and support our home and its people, do ordain and establish these Accords for a free and united team, as well as ensure the perpetual bonds of brotherhood between all Green nations and alliances.

First Accord - Commitments to the Green Team

i. The undersigned alliances do agree to refrain from any and all aggressive actions towards one another. This includes the use of spies, both in game and out, against each other, as well as unwarranted sanctions from Senators. If any member state of an undersigned alliance is found in direct violation of this article, the quarrel between all affected parties is expected to be resolved by diplomatic means.

ii. The undersigned alliances do agree to refrain from hindering any nation's or alliance's movement to and from the Green Team.

iii. The undersigned alliances do agree to refrain from forcing any Green nation not under their own jurisdiction to cancel foreign aid or trade agreements.

Second Accord - Senators and Sanctions

i. Any nation residing on the Green Team may run for and obtain the position of Senator.

ii. By obtaining the position of Senator, a nation automatically recognizes its inherent duty to abide by the terms of this Accord, whether it be officially affiliated or not.

iii. Only one member per alliance may run for and obtain the position of Senator. If there should be more than one nation of the same alliance running for Senator, one nation must cease his or her campaign, and set his or her Senate Vote Option to No Votes Allowed.

iv. Senators may only use sanctions on nations unaffiliated with these Accords that pose a severe nuclear threat to another alliance as a rogue nation.

v. Should one of the undersigned alliances find that a Senator is abusing his or her powers, said alliance may initiate a vote between the collective signatories of these Accords to remove said senator. Each signatory receives one vote. Should the undersigned find the Senator in question guilty, by simple majority, said Senator is required to abdicate his position or, should the undersigned wish, be removed by force.

Third Accord - Neutral Alliances

i. Any alliance may, at any time, elect to sign these Accords as a neutral party. The neutrality of said alliance must be declared publicly prior to the admittance process outlined in the Fifth Accord, and said alliance must maintain their own Declaration of Neutrality.

ii. The undersigned alliances do recognize that the intent of any neutral signatory is purely to enhance the economic unity of the Green Team.

iii. Neutral signatories are exempt from the Team Sponsored Protectorates Accord, as well as voting on admissions to the Accords themselves.

iv. Neutral signatories may choose to abstain from any vote, decision, announcement, or conflict stated in these Accords that might otherwise jeopardize their neutrality.

v. Neutral signatories may run for and obtain a senator seat as long as doing so does not conflict with their respective Declarations of Neutrality, and as long as fulfilling the duties of Senator does not conflict with said declarations.

Fourth Accord - Team Sponsored Protectorates

i. Any alliances wishing to enter the team sponsored protectorate agreement must be a declared Green Team alliance, in part or in whole, and must submit a formal request to a signatory of this treaty or be invited by a current signatory. The admission of an alliance to the team sponsored protectorate agreement must be ratified in the form of a two-thirds majority vote by the undersigned.

ii. The undersigned alliances to agree to mutual communication, economic practice, and civility between themselves and the protectorates, as well as mandatory, unilateral defense of said protectorates should they come under attack by a foreign power.

Alliances under the protectorate agreement

iii. agree to adhere to all of the laws of these Accords.

iv. recognize and respect both their sovereignty and political independence, as well as the undersigned alliances.

v. understand that it is the duty of the protectors to help nurture and grow the protectorates, and therefore agree to open economic exchange and agree to consider advice from the undersigned alliances should it be offered.

vi. understand that in the event one of their protectors comes under attack, they have the option to come to their assistance, but are not obligated to do so.

Fifth Accord - Admission and Resignation

i. Any alliance wishing to become a member of these Accords must be a declared Green Team alliance, in part or in whole, and must submit a formal request to a signatory of this treaty or be invited by a current signatory. A representative of a signatory alliance, after receiving the formal request, may request a vote for admission.

ii. The admission of a new signatory into this agreement requires approval in the form of a two-thirds majority vote by the undersigned. In the event a new alliance is granted admission, they must sign, agree to, and abide by these United Jungle Accords.

iii. An undersigned alliance may, at any time, choose to withdraw from these Accords in a peaceful and cordial manner.

iv. This treaty may be dissolved through a vote of unanimous consent by all signatory alliances of this treaty.

Sixth Accord - On the Past

i. All signatories of this treaty fully recognize the need to forever remember and reflect on all past horrors that have occurred on the sphere, in a universal commitment to prevent any of these atrocities from reoccurring. Furthermore, the undersigned do agree to forever embody the loving spirit that created the United Green Legislation, the Sphere of Win Treaty, and these Accords in everything they do.

ii. This Accord is henceforth forever enacted and acknowledged by all signatories unto eternity, even with the resignation from, the amending of, or the termination of these Accords.

The Undersigned, in memory of Philippe of Mexico,

For the Grand Global Alliance;

Degenerate108, Holy Triumvirate and Chief Protector of the Realm

Scotchwithrocks, Holy Triumvirate and Chief Protector of the Realm

Shaneprice, Holy Triumvirate and Chief Protector of the Realm

Sognatore, Elder Statesman

BearerofTruth, Elder Statesman

Emperor Lester II, Elder Statesman

Kevin the Great, Elder Statesman

ALdbeign, Elder Statesman

KungFuHamster, Regent

Dephire, Chancellor

Desius, Minister of Foreign Affairs

For Ordo Verde;

Dani C, Minister of Defense

Rayvon, Minister of Foreign Operations

Mr Duffy, Minister of Internal Affairs

For Pandemic;

ArgonV, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Ashen, Senior Diplomat

Magnificus Focus, Legal Counsel

Gnome, Minister of Propaganda

Forgottenonez, Minister of Defense

Gazongola, Minister of Internal Affairs

codolf Hiller, Minister of Recruitment

For Phoenix Rising;

dagger08, Arbiter of Hope

Emperor Charlemagne, Arbiter of Strength

Sognatore, Arbiter of Wisdom

For Tetris;

USMC123, Game Developer

Logan, Programmer of Foreign Matters

Granat, Programmer of Game Patent

kean, Programmer of Internal Matters

For the Viridian Entente;

Cornelius, Lord of the Entente

Son of Howard, Secretary of State

God of Salt, Secretary of the Interior

Impero, Secretary of Defense

InfiniteWii, Regent of the Entente

Kybernetes, Regent of the Entente

For World Federation;

Enrage, President




Pretty Panda

Thrown-away titles: UJA Announcement 2: Electric Boogaloo, The Green Eyed Monster Strikes Again, et al.

Thanks, ironchef ;)

Disclaimer: "Go Green" has officially reached banality status.

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