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6BR (Industrial+Jewelry)


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Long-Term Trades


Aluminum: Lord Mike theAwesome of The Holy Mike Empire

Coal: chaosmagez of DarkMatter

Gems: Seiya of Sonoria

Gold: Lewis Cowper of Nightfall Kingdom

Iron: Corson Thule of Eurlan

Lumber: Lewis Cowper of Nightfall Kingdom


Oil: Lord Mike theAwesome of The Holy Mike Empire

Rubber: Seiya of Sonoria

Silver: Corson Thule of Eurlan

Water: chaosmagez of DarkMatter


Bonus Resources





Fine Jewelry


We will have a solid resource set with a team bonus. If war time comes, we will have the best set for bills and soldiers which will allow us to stay in the fight. With a massive infrastructure cost and upkeep cut, we will have quick growth during peace time as well. Finally, our jewelry will give us an economic boost. This is an overall, well-rounded trade set. If you're interested, put your resources and your nation link below.

If you plan on leaving this circle, please PM all of the other members at least 3 days beforehand.

To Victory!

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I am rethinking this circle, and I think I will open the color to vote. I have recruited someone who says that they will join. They need to stay white to stay in their alliance. Because they were willing to stay white while we were orange and not find another circle, we can change.

Does anyone know how to change title or subtitle of a topic?

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Added. We are good to go. However, there is one matter to attend to. The color of this circle. Lewis Cowper and chaosmagez must stay in white and black respectively. I say that we should be white because Lewis Cowper came here first, but it is open for discussion. Post the color that you would like the circle to be in here, and we will decide.

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I already said what I am voting for, but I will say it again, so we can visibly count how many votes we have.

I vote white because Lewis Cowper and chaosmagez cannot change colors, and Lewis Cowper was here first.

Originally, everyone else was fine with changing their team color, so it shouldn't make a difference.

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