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The Unforgettably LOUD Pact

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The Unforgettably Loud Pact


One day, the League of United Defense (LOUD) and the Lords of the Unforgotten (LotU) met each other at a party. They decided to exchange numbers, and hung out several times over the next few weeks. We decided, later on, to write this thingy to express our mutual :wub:

Article I: Behavioral Rules

LOUD and LotU agree to never egg, tee-pee, or burn down each other’s houses. We also agree that we won’t pick each other’s cars up and move them onto the person’s yard, simply to piss them off. We also also agree to not damage each other’s flowers, bushes, shrubberies, trees, garden gnomes, and so on. We also also also agree that the destruction of mailboxes via metal bats is not only below the belt, and utterly not classy.

Article II: Moolah

LotU and LOUD (GASP! Name switch) agree that they will give each other appropriate gas money, after being driven around town at random times. We also agree to loan each other a couple of bucks at the store, if somebody needs an extra towel, or the sales tag was wrong. We also also agree that sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do, and yeah, we’ll help you pay for it.

Article III: Neighborhood Watch

LOUD and LotU agree to join up with the Neighborhood Watch and help keep criminals from being criminals. We also agree that should criminals be criminals and attack us, in any way, shape or form, we’ll all send them hate mail together. It’ll be like a party. We’ll bring the beers.

Article IV: If one signatory were to come under attack. It will be considered an attack on the neighborhood, and therefore, on the other signatory as well. They must help them out, whether it be by trying to talk the attacker down, giving the other signatory their guns, or beating the crap out of the attacker themselves.

Article V: Moving

Every once and a while, you gotta do what you gotta do. If you gotta do something like moving out of the neighborhood, well, it’s time to part ways. LOUD and LotU agree to a 48-hour long fare-well party period, before this little piece of paper officially becomes void and can be put through the shredder.

Signatures for LOUD






Alcoholic - Emissary

HeRo1 - Vizier

Signatures for LotU:

Solarflare - Head Councillor

Stealthkill - Councillor of Foreign Operations

Fatscalyman - Councillor of War

Swedishdude1 - Councillor of Recruitmentd

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I love both of these alliances. It also made me lol how my flag is so much larger than LotU's is. Sorry bout that. ^_^

:wub: LOUD

:wub: LotU

Edit: wtf, my sig is still on there? :awesome:

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