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CAU launches satellite!

Markus Wilding

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The CAU Space Program has sucessfully developed and launched the nation's first satellite. When asked about the event, head engineer Steven Green said, "It's good to know that I can continue serving my country doing what I was trained to do."


An artist's rendition of the satellite in space.

President Martin said, "This is a great day for us all. I believe that this event signals a huge step forward in our technological advancements for many years to come."

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"The Empire congratulates the CAU on its newest technological achivement and wishes to reach out for friendly talks."

Of course. We are available in Oklahoma City at any time. Just send somebody over (OOC: AKA make new thread) and we'll be sure to discuss possible relations.

"The government of Kitex also congratulates the CAU and also announces that it will begin its own space program."

We send our thanks to Kitex.


OOC: Can be considered a one word post, ya know...<.<

IC: We send our thanks.

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Furon sends a great, big, congratulations to CAU for achieving this marvelous feat. As such, a basket of fruit is being prepared for the leader of CAU and his family.

Once more, you have our most high congratulations.

OOC: Gotta be the one in one hundred, so to speak.

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