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Black Saturday

Agostinho Neto

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Roma, Quirinal Hill. 1755 Hours.

Rome. Pheraps home of the greatest civilization history had ever known, the Urbe, the Eternal City, is a place to defend till death, a city a leader should be proud to control. General Borghese, the Father of the Fatherland, never showed any interest in Roman legacy, and always condemned unnecessary revival of old empires and civilizations.. yes, he aknowledged the political and cultural heritage of Rome on the Italian people, the language, the political system, the administrative divisions.. but he knew the greatness of Rome could only be achieved with the prosperity and the strenght of the Italian people, not by military force. However, after only two months of existance, the Fascisti led by Borghese marched on Rome.

In the past months, following the collapse of the Greater Nordlandic Reich, the blockade, the diplomatic crisis with the Republic of Euzkadi and Croatia, an extremist wing of Borghese's Partito Fascista Repubblicano (PFR), exposed Borghese's flaws and mistakes to the public opinion, accusing him of restricting Italy's hunger of glory and prosperity. Using his personal blackshirts militia, Borghese had tried to punish and arrest dissidents from the party, until one man, known for his national-populist ideas, had recently gathered a considerable share of support from the masses and the Party. His name is Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini.

Benito Mussolini was nothing more than a party's member until his dissent toward Borghese's isolationist policies had tightened after the declaration of war made by the Netherlands against the Duchy of Bavaria, a close friend and economical partner of the Italian Republic. Italy's neutral stance paved the way for Mussolini to accuse Borghese of ignoring military needs and investments in war technology. Dissent was also growing in the army, and scared by a possible uprising, Borghese's closest collaborators were one by one taking distances from his policies and his guidelines.

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in the center, Benito Mussolini, new figure of the extremist wing of the Partito Fascista Repubblicano

Roma, Italy. 0025 hours.

A weekend of nationwide pro-Mussolini demonstrations has brought thousands of people out onto the streets in support of an authoritarian solution to the economic crisis in Italy.

Most protests were on Saturday, but up to 11.000 people took part in a final event in Rome tonight. Between 10 and 20 thousand people are thought to have marched in many italian cities over the weekend - the largest demonstrations of their kind since the blockade. Some of the largest turnouts were seen in cities whose local governments have offered the staunchest support for General Junio Borghese's tough stance for isolationism, threatening military action to force it to comply with the will of the Italian people.

The demonstration in Rome was the biggest in the Italian Capital's political history, with nearly 11.000 taking part, organisers said, although police put the figure at 4000. Addressing a massive crowd in Venice Square, Rome, Defence Minister Rodolfo Graziani said: "This isolationist stance is solely about personal survival. Borghese has never given a damn about the Italian people."

In Milan, state police estimated that up to 7000 people marched, with around 1000 people in Venice and Turin. Organisers said 22 thousand were on the streets, while police estimated that 11.000 took part in the final rally, not counting those protesters unable to reach the rally venue.

However, General Junio Borghese said he would not be swayed by the size of the demonstrations. "In the end, my charge as prime minister and head of state is to take whatever decision I think is in the best interests of the country," General Borghese said in a television interview. 20 thousand blackshirts are now marching to the Eternal City.

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