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Hocus Pocus Alliance


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I would like to invite all Indonesians out there to join our awesome alliance...

we have $90 million soft loan for active members who wants to be boosted.. and additional $69 million for Emergency Loan... plus $3 million fresh money...

if you think you can speak, read, write and listen well to Indonesian Language.. then Hocus Pocus is the right place for you...

join us at http://www.cnhocuspocus.co.cc/

Selamat Datang Di Cybernations!

or for any further info add me @ yahoo messenger: cybermarginali

and http://www.cnhocpoc.wordpress.com for guides in indonesians... :)

o yeah i forgot to mention that we are protected by Farkistan... so don't have to worry...

our irc is @ #HocPoc in Coldfront server.. :P

we are now open up for limited number of people to join our international branch... 10 slots for grab!

contact me!

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We just open up for limited number of people to join our international branch...

so there are 10 slots for you to be part of history...

Btw... Hocus Pocus is part of newly form MDP bloc with Octava Orden and Amazon Nation.

and 1 think...

i need at least 2 capable people to help me on our international branch...

be part of the government... thanks!

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