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Agostinho Neto

Can i roleplay the Duce?  

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Unlike my CN country i am a very open and democratic guy, i know i said in the past i would have never mentioned or shown Mussolini in my topics and my roleplays, and i stated many times that i do not agree with the ideals of my country and my character (aka i'm not a fascista).

But if i think about it i don't know if it's such a big deal, i mean, history is history and this is just a game and many roleplays from various countries regarded racial discrimination, deportations and stuff like that (which is something i wouldn't do)

So what i'm asking is, would you feel offended if i gradually introduce the character of the "Duce" in my roleplays?


OH CRAP, wrong dictator (we have so many i tend to confuse them) sorry :awesome: , i mean.. this one..


This is part of a pre-planned roleplay i was thinking about, a long term pre-planned roleplay where Italy will drown deep into an even stricter authoritarian governent with the "Duce" being appointed Prime Minister by Junio Borghese, it will probably end up like the historical outcome so no worries :awesome:

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OOC: Although I voted yes, I'd suggest RPing a parallel Duce figure, i.e. a Duce (inspired by Mussolini) and not the Duce (Mussolini himself). That's what I do. Despite utilising PW Botha's image in Transvaal's RP, I am NOT RPing PW Botha but rather someone loosely inspired and similar to him in many ways - but not all.

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As long as you don't go rascist and stuff, I'm fine with it. :v:

If I RP'ed Hidolf Atler (though replacing the real one with Rommel) then I don't think people will have a problem with Il Duce.

(On the general point of Mussolini being a racist.)

Mussolini actually wasn't a racists. For the better part of his life he was a socialist journalist. After his experience in the war he basically came to deplore the attitude traditional socialists had for the military and for the country and basically sought to create a leftwing ideology that would be more nationally focused instead of internationally. His own fascist concept of government was basically socialism with some moderate civic nationalism. (Eg instead of deriving the motivation to have collectivism from the condition of the proletariat, it was derived from the fact that they were all Italians) It was only after a few elections running as a leftist that he decided to rebrand his Fascism as a right wing ideology to appeal to anyother electorate bloc (as the socialists had already established themselves and gained loyalty with the left in Italy) He wrote several times in his own books/journals that he deplored the Nazi regime's anti-jewish policies and basically considered their racism a distraction from important social policy. For the better part of Fascist Italy's existence Jews actually held high ranking policies within the regime, and it wasn't until well after the Nazi's basically invaded and turned them into a puppet state that he was forced to implement racial laws. Mussolini even disliked Hitler to the point when requested for an autograph (by Hitler) he refused to send him one.

The only thing Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany had in common ideologically was that Hitler was inspired by Mussolini's use of rhetoric, and political myth (Sorel). While Mussolini had a true ideology, Hitler basically just triangulated and combined a bunch of different positions into his own political platform to fill his domestic, and foreign policy.

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