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Italian army shows first uniform redesign

Agostinho Neto

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Italian assault troops

ROMA - The Italian National Republican Army revealed on Saturday a redesigned combat uniform with a camouflage pattern that looks strikingly different from soldiers' current battle dress uniforms.

It marks the first major change in the Army uniform, said Defence Minister General Rodolfo Graziani, who modeled the uniform for reporters at the press conference. He said recruits will be issued the redesigned uniform starting August 31, and the entire Army will be outfitted by September.

The uniform is being produced in a single, universal pattern to replace the two camouflage versions in current use: dark green for forest use and grey for urban settings. The pattern for the new camouflage coat and trousers is a mix of green, brown and gray. General Graziani said it was designed to allow soldiers to blend into urban, and forest environments in case of invasion.

Graziani said the Army is looking for ways to protect soldiers better who risk death or injury from homemade bombs in Italy, the weapons of choice for anti-regime insurgents "We have a clever enemy, an adaptable enemy," he said.


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