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"The Order of Magic" Treaty

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The Order Of Magic Treaty

Article 0: Preamble

Hocus Pocus has put a spell upon Octava Orden to be our cross-color friends forever! abracadabra!

Article 1: Declaration of Friendship

Hocus Pocus (HP) and Octava Orden (OO) is good friend to each other and we will always respect one another.

Article 2: Information Sharing

HP and OO is agreed to share any important information on the private channel.

Article 3: Aid and Economy

HP and OO will always support one another with tech deal and financial aid if needed.

Article 4: Cancellation

HP and OO will give a 72-hour of prior notice for the cancellation and during that 72-hour period, discussion will be still running until the last 24 hours.

Signed for Hocus Pocus,


Leonardo Da Vinci, Head Master

Genovaratin, Head of Gryffindor

Lucius Morningstar, Head of Slytherin

Warmaniacs, Head of Ravenclaw

RenZen, Head of Hufflepuff

Signed for Octava Orden,

Ezequiel, Emperador

Schills, Imperial Regente

Biohazard, Imperial Officer

Marquis Chris 1, Ministro of Foreign Affairs

Stock, Ministro of War

P.S: You are invited to #hocuspocus & #cn-octava for a little party...

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