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Breaking News in Communist Diadochoi

Nagato the Great

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As of August 21st, 2009, thousands of casualties have been suffered in the battles between Communist military and Imperialist insurgents. The most recent battle over a town near the south coast has cost the military over 400 casualties, with Imperialist casualties expected to be almost twice that number. In the battle, about 230 civilian casualties--among them 96 children--have been suffered. The necessity of this town is under heavy debate, both from the military and Imperialist point of view.

Also under debate is premier Gena Korsunsky's process of 'rooting out' possible Imperialists and their supporters. this includes homes and shops being thoroughly searched by soldiers, suspects detained and interrogated, and, according to rumour, even torture, though this has been dismissed by Korsunsky and his advisers.

"We are doing our best to fight off these violent insurgents," he said in a press conference. "But we believe that they may not be alone. Their power and armament suggests a terrorist force--one which we currently cannot pinpoint--is also behind this. Be assured that the only major city they ever could have taken on was Murmansk, where they were defeated; they will not attempt an attack on the capital."

In international affairs, Diadochoi is attempting to stay out of the conflict Europe has become embroiled in.

"Though we do not agree at all with the actions United Netherlands have taken against the HRE, we will not go to war." Gena Korsunsky said. "This is something we will weather, unless someone attacks us first, in which case we will strike back with as much power as we can spare."

Also commenting on this was Minister of Defense and War, Georgi Shmakov, though he took a slightly less positive stance. "If we are attacked in this war, we will not be able to defend ourselves because on one hand we have the Imperialists, who are enough on their own. Add another nation warring on us and we will surely buckle. We simply do not have the resources to be fighting two wars at once."

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