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Province of Guelders discontinues Capital Punishment


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Officieel communiqué der Provincie Gelderland.

Zoals besloten is in de Provinciale Staten en in overeenstemming met Het Grondrecht der Provincie (Art. 1- lid 2) heeft de Provincie

besloten een moratorium op de doodstraf in te stellen. Dit betekent dat de vergrijpen moord met voorbedachte rade en kindermoord niet

langer met galg worden bestraft. In plaats ervan word levenslange verbanning van het Grondgebied der Verenigde Nederlanden ingesteld -

of straffe van levenslange opsluiting bij een illegale grensoverschrijding. Alle uitleveringsverdragen tussen de Provincies blijven intact- ook

wanneer een vergrijp in een andere Provincie nog wel met de Dood word bestraft.

Ondertekend namens de Bevolking der Provincie Gelderland, de locale Gemeenschapsraden en de Provinciale Staten.

Karel H. Gaarlandt

Raadspensionaris der Provincie.


Official communique of the province of Guelders.

As decided by the Council of the Province and in accordance to the Constitution of the Province (art 1- sec. 2) has the Province decided to put a moratorium

on the Death Penalty. This means in practice that the felonies of premeditated murder and infanticide are no longer punishable by death by hanging. Instead a convict will be banned for life from the Territory of the United Netherlands- and in case of an illegal return will be punishable by imprisonment for life.

All treaties with the other Provinces regarding extraditing criminals will be upheld- also if that means that a criminal can expect to face capital punishment elsewhere.

Signed on behalf of the Population of the Province of Guelders, the local Community Councils and the States of the Province,

K.H. Gaarlandt.

Raadspensionaris der Provincie.

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This news has reached the floor of the Lower House of the States-General and the Staatsgezinde Partij has asked the House for the time to organize and hold an ethical debate about capital punishment.

The Staatsgezinde Partij wants the social democratic/ Christian government to adopt a non-binding resolution that would ask Provinces to take Gueldre's lead. In the legal system of the United Netherlands the Federal Government only holds mandate over military law and it is unlikely that during this war capital punishment will be dropped but the Provinces can be asked to look into the "ethical merits" of capital punishment and see whether it would still be "part of today's Zeitgeist" to continue the practice. The debate has been scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

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