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The BANDIT Accords

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The BANDIT Accords


The signatories, The Coalition of Erratic Nation (CEN) and Octava Orden (OO) Come together to agree to the following the terms, and to celebrate an equal interest in great things and people.

Article 1:

Both OO and CEN agree to remain peaceful to each other, and prevent any issues that may occur in private channels between the signatories government.

Article 2:

Both signatories agree, that should either one fall short of economic power, or require aid due to any circumstance, the other signatory agrees to aid as much as possible, as long as it does not endanger themselves.

Article 3:

Both signatories hereby will share all information regarding Planet Bob, and its small provinces, (alliances) as well as information about the interest that has brought these two wonderful alliances together.

Article 4:

Should both signatories agree that this treaty no longer fits the needs for which it was written, they may either upgrade it, at any time, or cancel it. Cancellation however, must be met first with a 72 hours public notification, with reasons given in private.

Signed for Octava Orden;

Ezequiel, Emperor

Biohazerd, Imperial Officer

Schills, Imperial Regent

Marquis Chris 1, Imperial Ministro of Foreign Affairs

Imperial Ministro of Defense

Signed for The Coalition of Erratic Nations;

Signatures for CEN:

Tharbakim, Director

Kylie, director

Magion, Minister of Economic Affairs

JC, Minister of Defense

Pretty much self-explanitory. nothing needed here.

Obligatory Bandit Picture:


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