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Government launches new websites


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The Government of Eagleia has relaunched two websites, at eagleia.gov.ea and eagleiagb.gov.ea (OCC: eagleia.weebly.com & eagleiagov.weebly.com - You can actually view these, please do). The first one deals with Eagleia in general, and acts as website where people from other nations can learn and find out about Eagleia. The second contains blogs from the Offices of several leaders of the nation.

-- EBC News

OCC: Tell me what you think about the sites, you can comment on specific posts on the blogs at eagleiagov.weebly.com or comment about the sites in general here. Please do comment and tell me if I've set them up well enough (for starters that is) and is convincingly government like.

Links to two latest 'goverment' blog posts:

And do check them at any time, they'll most likely be updated. :)

Good day all. :)

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