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Political Differences; A New Emergence

Elrich von Richt

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[ Official Announcement of the Republic of Normandy ]

As of late, it has become apparent that some of our French civilians do not wish to live under our dual cultural state, and banner, and wish to reside in a state that is purely French. We, as a generally peaceful nation, respect that these citizens have the right to form their own state, if they are unhappy with our own. As such, we hereby cede a good portion of our southern border, including land leased to the Krieg Empire, to the resurrected French state. While we are saddened to see some of our civilians and brothers unhappy with our rule, the belief in a pure French state is understandable. We wish this nation the best of luck, and hope it may prosper in the future, whatever course it may choose. May, however, our ties be pure, and our nations always strain to remain in a good stance, and never face one another on the other side of the war fence.

Signed into effect on this day, August the 21st, of the year 2009.

The French State has a right to exist, and thus we re-instate it as a seperate political entity.


Map of Normandie (Red), and the newly reformed France (Blue), [includes Rheinmarkish Elass-Lothringen, and part of Dutch Flanders.]

OOC: Did not include Euzkadi's claims as they were too annoying to map. Sorry, Cata, hope you understand, you DO exist, and your border is accurate with France, per the World Map Z.

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The Republic of Euzkadi is immensely pleased to see France resurrected, furthermore we officially place France under our protection and will defend its independence and territorial integrity. We shall be conferring with the other members of the Iberian pact for the possible inclusion of France in our defensive alliance.

OOC: Coolio, Teriethien your southern border will not include the Northern Basque Country [wiki Link].

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Sverige thinks that Euzkadi has a right to declare war on France and still be called peaceful and neutral. Because apparently maps are a good Casus Belli these days. Also, there will be a world coalition of imperialistic nations around the corner that magically will create armies to support your cause.

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The leader of the so-called Rightful Government of France in Exile stepped onto the soil of Bordeaux with apprehension. It was not so long ago that he fled the streets of Paris, with the newly reformed republic falling apart around him. Still, throughout his ordeal the Acquitaine leader held on to his faith of a great French power. And now his steadfastness is rewarded - days ago several French local government have secretly made contact, hoping to re-establish France. And now the Normans appear to be folding. Alain couldn't help but grin at his companion, who frowned.

To the People of France and the World at Large,

France hereby reaffirms its existence amongst the sovereign nations of the international order. While it is self evident that France have been in continuous existence ever since the Praxian Empire relinquished sovereignty over these lands, lately some may have had cause to harbour doubts. For beset on all sides by turmoil, piece after piece of French land fell under Foreign jurisdiction, and as our presence abated, inevitably so did our memory fade amongst friends and foes.

However, today the Republic of Normandy have graciously recognised the right of the French nation to statehood. With the extent of our jurisdiction marked by distinct demarcation lines, France is once again a fully fledged state in its own right. We look forward to peaceful and close friendships with our Euzkadi, Kriegian neighbours to the south and our Conti and Norman brethren in the North.

For Peace and Prosperity,

Alain Mamère


OOC: Coolio, Teriethien your southern border will not include the Northern Basque Country [wiki Link].

OOC: I know ^_^

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The Bailiwick of Conti welcomes back France amongst the community of nations and extends it's congratulations to all parties involved. It is highly satisfying that recent territorial disputes in the region have been settled through peaceful means rather than war.

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