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The Imperium Romanum, formally established on the 23rd of January, 2009, is committed to spreading the Pax Romana over her loyal members. Under the guidance of our founders and Imperator, the Imperium Romanum shall establish peace and prosperity for all those that seek guidance under her banner.

Imperium Romanum (IR for short) is young friendly alliance made up of many veteran CN players. Despite our size we are well protected via our inter-alliance treaties. As an alliance we can offer our experience, our protection and above all our friendship. Unlike the larger alliances where as a new member your voice will be drowned out because of their size and the fact they just want you for the numbers, we at the IR value every single members voice, you will be heard and your opinion will help shape the direction of the alliance. If your interested or just want to find out more visit our forum here or check out our wiki here


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