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Candle in the Wind

Sarah Tintagyl

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Candle in the Wind

Sarah Tintagyl the Lady Protector of the Hanseatic Commonwealth looked out into the stars in front of her face. The moon seemed to shine down just ever so brightly, as it often did to her. After all, she was the child of the moon. Her mind reeled after coming out of New Zealand and saving her husband and daughter and holding them in her arms again. Looking back, her blonde hair blew in the breeze as the trees rustled, leaves falling to the ground, there on the bed, lay Evan Hiley and in his arms cuddled in his arms was Heather and Terra her two darling daugthers, one from birth, one from chance, both from love. The Valkyrie of Peace turned back out to the stars above and took a deep breath, she had been contemplating something tearing at her mind for a long time. She was revered around the world as the greatest leader that had ever been birthed even though she was only thirty one years old. The Angel had done more in some ten years than most men could hope to accomplish in their lifetime. She had created the White Cross, the international organization dedicated to helping the poor, injured, and impoverished. She had been there to give a helping hand to anyone one that asked. She had breathed life into a world scared of war and destruction and yet it seemed that the job would never end. But she knew her job would eventually and tonight was that night.

After Evan and the kids had gone to sleep, she had packed her bags, enough clothes and food to last until she got out of the Hansa and then she would have enough money to start a new life for herself. A life free from politics, from stress caused by the bickering and stupidity of nations, free from grudges, free from hate, free to explore the world. She was dressed in a green tank top, khaki shorts, and her nickel plated pistol at her side. There was a world beyond the walls of Solidor Manor and the Diet, there were adventures besides the borish life of a civil servant. The tears began to flow down her eyes as she looked out at the dimming city in the distance, Brisbane, her adopted home, her true home. She raised a hand to say good-bye as she brought it back to clench her heart. Her hands shook from the sheer energy pulsing through her body. Was she making the right choice? She believed so, she knew deep down that this was what she needed, this was what the world needed. She was not a goddess, she was only human and while she had done great things. It was up to the world to follow in the footprints that she had made.

Sitting down at her vanity, the Angel took out a pen and a stack of papers and touched the ink to the emptiness. It would be addressed to every leader in the world.

My friend,

Perhaps in the past we have had our differences and me may still share the same differences now. But I wish to tell you that is has been a pleasure being able to serve along side many of you, in making this world a haven for our species. I have grown in my short life to become on of the most influential people in the world however I see the world now and I see a world torn to shreds by rivalry and hate. These emotions that have make us stray from the path of light and kindness, a path that deep down I know that we all desire. I write this to tell you that, the Hansa in the coming days will begin to stray from leadership as I am stepping down from my position as Lady Protector. However, no government will retake after my leave. Instead, I ask for a promise, that the Hanseatic territories become something that the world has never had. A world protectorate, a zone of eternal peace and neutrality. This is my last wish as a leader, but my first wish as a civilian. Perhaps we will meet again at a party, or a meeting, or on the roads that I seek to travel after I lay my pen down. You have made your country proud, of that I am sure and I hope that one day people will realize that war only breeds more war. Power breeds more greed, and wealth breeds jealousy. All which breed hate.

One day we will know peace. I pray in my lifetime, but the roads ahead will be kind to me. Of that I am sure.

I wish you luck, peace, and prosperity in your futures.


Sarah Tintagyl

She folded up the letters and got up off the chair. The Valkyrie of Peace, the Angel of Kindness, the Champion of Light, Sarah Tintagyl walked over to where Evan, Terra, and Heather slept. The tears were nearly too much as she kissed each of them on the forehead before turning back, taking her back and slinging it over her shoulder smiled for one last time as she walked over to the candle on her desk and blew out the flame as it disappeared. The new age passing, like the smoke from the wick.

Sarah sighed and took a deep breath as she stepped out of the room, closed the door and stepped once again into the unknown.

OOC: To all of you, I will be withdrawing my claims as a nation in CNRP and just function as Sarah from now on. I'll be doing my adventure stories and such, but that will be it as I'm spending too much time on here crafting stuff that I'm not really interested in. I loved RPing with all of you and look forward to talking to all of you in the future, though I will be cutting back on IRC and time on the forum in general.

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OOC: *cries*

IC: Top Gear thanks the Hanseatic Commonwealth for its service to the global community, and wishes Sarah Tintagyl and all residents all the best in the future. We swear our forces, weapons or anything of the kind shall never impede the peace of your World Protectorate. I sincerely hope all other nations join with you in achieving that goal.

Thank you, and good luck. :)

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OOC: :(


A letter is sent to the government of the Hanseatic Commonwealth in response:

To: Lady Tintagyl, and the government of the Hanseatic Commonwealth

I speak on behalf of the government and people of Buryatia when I say that it has been an absolute honor thus far to work with the Hanseatic Commonwealth and its leadership. Whether it was working together in the interests of peace, or working to administer a protectorate until those within it could rise to do so themselves, we have always found support from the Hanseatic Commonwealth.

I have nothing but respect for, and admiration of Lady Tintagyl and her push for stability and peace in the region and the wider world. In light of this, I express my regret to see her step down as Lady Protector, but I understand and respect her decision to do so. There are not enough words in any language to summarize her remarkable achievements during her tenure.

Recognizing the relationship of co-operation and mutual respect that exists between Buryatia and the Hanseatic Commonwealth and the leadership of our two nations, the government of Buryatia has decided to convey to Lady Tintagyl two small tokens of our appreciation.

Firstly, we have decided to award the “Order of Buryatia-Meritorious Service Class”, our nation's highest honor to Lady Tintagyl in recognition of her remarkable service to the international community. Secondly, by Royal decree, Buryatia awards Lady Tintagyl the “Buryatian Royal Nobility Rank of Duchess”, entitling her to use the title Duchess of Carmagh if she chooses to accept.

We wish Lady Tintagyl the best of luck on her journeys, and as always should her path take her to Buryatia she will always be welcome.


H.M.O.R.H. Prince-Regent Yuri Vladimirovich Guttorp-Farone-Zenn, Prince of Vaule & Buryatia, Duke of Caledonia, Lord of Novaya Zemlya, Holder of the Holy Order of Buryatia

***All across Buryatia, the Buryatian National Flag is lowered to half mast***

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Sammyace Kintober read the message several times. With a sigh, he put the paper down and rubbed his eyes. He truely wished Sarah the best of luck, and hoped she'd made the best choice. For all their sakes. Still, another brilliant leader who wanted nothing but peace had seen the bleak reality of the situation and, rather then waste their lives fighting an unwinnable battle, they proceeded to escape the insanity and save themselves. Soon all the good ones would be gone, and the only ones left would be the madmen and power hungry. When that happened, all would be for not.

"I wonder when the madness will reach our shores." He muttered to himself.

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OOC: *sheds a tear*


Dear Sarah Tintagyl,

I send this letter on behalf of our everlasting friendship we have had for each other. It has been an honor to work with you in the past, and I hope we may continue to do so in the future. With your help, the people of the Yuktobanian Democratic Republic have finally come to realize that we must be an important player in regional politics. The people of Hansa, Yuktobania, Buryatia and maybe the whole world will miss you and your guidance that helped the people of Planet Bob into the way things are today.

In honor of all your achievements, I, Catherine Reznov, hereby awards you with the Order of Saint Andrew, the highest civilian honor in the Yuktobanian Democratic Republic.

I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors and I hope to see you again someday.


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OOC: This is indeed a sad day. But at least we know you arn't leaving the forums totally. Though I thought you would have took Evan and the two girls with Sarah?

IC: "With the end of the Hanseatic Commonwealth the real last hope for peace is gone all we can do now is try to survive".

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I truly wish the circumstances would be better during your decision to leave the world of politics behind. Zargathia is still young, and as such has no history of important decorations to grant, but know that you will always be welcome in Zargathia, and your advice will not fall on deaf ears. However, I believe the world is not done with you yet, so I will refrain from saying goodbye. Rather, I hope to see you in good health next time we meet.


Queen Amyante Tojimaru

Zargathian Transitional Government

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Lady Protector,

Good luck. No words need saying for there are none sensible or justified enough to grace the contribution you have made.


United Mechodamian States

OOC: I'm liking the epithets you used. :P Also, much better on the propositions and beginning of sentences; definitely a great increase in descriptive flow.

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Lavo got up rather early, apparently, an important letter had arrived from the Hansa and the Lady Protector herself. As he read the letter, his eyes began to tear, for a pure soul that truly yearned for peace is departing. With a face now wet with tears, he began to write a reply.

Dearest Lady Protector,

Today the world shines less bright, as you descend from it's stage. Indeed, you have done more then most leaders have done throughout their lifetime, and for that I, and the rest of the world, are forever thankful. I wish you the best of luck in your travels, and if you ever need assistance, you know how to get in contact with myself and Rebel Army. We shall fulfill your last wish, even if it brings our destruction upon us.


Lavo Shalam

Once the reply was sent out, Lavo ordered all flags to be lowered to half-mast, and recognizes and shall aid with the global protectorate over the Hansa.

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*A message from an indeterminate location*

"Well, so even the Tintygalian Era has ended.

We guess everything must end sooner or later, just like Canada and so many other countries did. However, the Commonwealth gave people a special thing...Hope.

We for one do hope that we may meet again, dearest Sarah, be it in this life, or the next.

Farewell, for the time being."

-L; L

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Rama Varma read with sorrow the message from Sarah. In the early days of the Kingdom the Hanseatic Commonwealth and the Lady Protector had given invaluable assistance.

The King thus ordered the following message to be sent through all mediums.

"Dear Sarah,

It is indeed a sad day for us when you chose to step down as Lady Protector. Our national strategies may not always had been very compatible, however we always have immense respect for you. We invite you to visit Cochin at any time, our doors are always open to you.

Pilgrimage and renunciation are essential paths in the road to wisdom and we hope that at a later date you would rejoin your people and become greater still.

Yours sincerely,

Rama Varma."

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OOC: *Cries long and hard* :(

IC: The letter Anthony found on his desk seemed innocuous at the time...but when the man finished, his face was a mask of stone--stone that broke like a crumbling dam a moment later, as a river of tears began the inevitable flow.

the leader everyone thought of as emotionless couldn't even muster the energy to try and write a reply, considering he suspected she wouldn't be there anymore.

***Official Statement***

Promised Land recognizes the Hansa's status as an international protectorate.

~Adnministrator Richard Anderson

OOC: I hope we can finish our old thread, Sarah... :unsure:

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The Executive Minister of the Nation of Nod was in his usual position, sitting in the control room of Temple Secundus, pondering his usual thoughts.

Interrupting him, a timid aide approached, a letter he intended to deliver was in his hand.

Although the NoN and the HC did not have much in the way of diplomatic relations, except for dealings in the White Cross (both the extension of aid during the EAW from the Lady, and the subsequent application of the NoN to the White Cross) a letter had been made and addressed to the EM.

After reading the letter silently, the heavy set figure did no more than put the paper on his lap and lean back further in his seat. All the aide could hear was the hushed whisper.

"Madness..... let the madness begin...."

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To Sarah,

Your ideals are inherently optimistic; their goals going against the baser instincts of man. And yet, for the space of a few years they managed to dredge up a sense of hope and progress in an otherwise stagnant world of nothing but war and Machiavellian schemes. For better or worse the progressive attitude of the Commonwealth has permanently etched its' influence on both it's own citizens and those of the world.

Though our views are roughly opposite, you are welcome to both vacation and travel through the Imperium. The first time you pass through our territory, please report to your nearest Inquisitorial Office to be inducted as an honorary member.

- Kevin Holihan.

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Lady Sarah,

As one person, you have done more for the world than entire empires. We wish you well in your travels, and may the sun always shine on your path. May your life be free from hardships, and may all your dreams become reality. Our doors are always open to you, and there will always be a room in the palace reserved for you. We pray that your voice and your inspiration will not fade from this world.

Sincerely, Your Friends,

Sultan Mikhail Stein and Sultana Rania Stein

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Al Asad came into Zarfef's private quarters to find him stroking a globe.

Zarfef: My preciouses, oh soonz zyou willz be minz my precious. Tell me. Whatz I got in my pocketses? Its a laser isn't its! BOOM BOOM!

Zarfef pulls out a laser pointer and start shooting locations on the globe.

Zarfef: Take THAT TAHOE! GIVE ME BACK MY PRECIOUS! Dragon Empire, take that!

Al Asad: Sir?

Zarfef: AH! Al Asad. Good to see you!, Zarfef spun around, What do you have for me today?

Al Asad: Eh.... Stage one of the world take-over has been completed. Hansa is... out of the way. The Lady Procterate has stepped down from the world stage.

Zarfef: EXCELLENT WORK AL ASAD! However did you accomplish it?

Al Asad: I didn't do anything-

Zarfef: Now come on now! I must have something to put down on your raise card!

Al Asad: Well... now that you put it that way, I was only being bashful, I organized an army of flying skeletons with lasers on their head. They sent her running with her two daughters while the last of the guards were slain and I manufactured this letter. Sadly the last of the skeletons including the original design were lost in the battle.

Zarfef :(. You lost the last flying skeleton with a laser on it's head? Shame. Good job though! I'll make sure that raise goes through pronto.

Al Asad: Actually, they were just the skulls with, MUlTIPLE LASERS.

Zarfef: Ahhh....

Public Announcement

Zarfef: PEOPLE OF THE WORLD! Today you have witnessed the glorious power of our flying skull heads of DOOM! With the lasers on their heads, they shall bring all to their knees. Once our great black wizard, Al Asad completes their re-reincarnation.

Al Asad steps onto stage, now in a dark cloak looking rather... wizard-like.

Zarfef: Fear HIM!


At this moment the cages full of Ravens were released from the corner to commemorate the event and one of the scared and confused birds flew hitting Al Asad directly in the head knocking him to the ground. The camera crew immediately cut off the scene at this point.

Edited by Zarfef
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