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New Declaration

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There has to be a consequence

Since we found the evidence

Your time is running out to plea-bargain

I'll throw more than a book at you

It doesn't matter what you say or do

You're sinking faster than your breathing

Every action Deserves a Reaction, Invicta recognizes that Internet Superheros have launched unprovoked attacks on our Friends in the Crimson Guard.

This is the new declaration

We've been losing our patience

Stand your ground and prove yourself to me

This is your new inspiration

The new sound keeping you anxious

Grab your seat and dine with the enemy

This is our Declaration of Support for Crimson Guard and her allies, For now this support is just monetary and diplomatic, but should the conflict escalate, don't be surprised if our support escalates as well.

Stand your ground IS, and take your beating.

Crimson Guard, take your enemies in IS out to dinner for a nice portion of nuke pie and war.

You thought you could break the mold

Another day with the lies you told

But you're the only one believing

I know you think you'll walk away

What's that you forgot to say?

I'm listening so closely won't you repeat it

If you really think that you're all that special and that you would get away with these so called tech raids, you were dead wrong.

Thanks for your time, and thanks to Just Surrender and their song "New Declaration"


Locke of Alestor, Chief of Staff and Minister of Citizenship

Scythegfx of Anarcasia, El Scorcho and Minister of Foreign Affairs

Kn1nJa of Soul Society - MoIA

Boxey of P0WAH - DMoF :D

Rudekker of the Brewtown Empire, MoW

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Top Posters In This Topic

Monetary support? Isn't that usually considered an act of war?

I thought making declarations of war was an act of war too until that whole business with the Family, and now this 'tech raid'. I guess you never know these days.

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