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Crimson Guard Edict #6 Declaration of Hostilities

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Official Crimson Guard Announcement

Well, ladies and gentlemen, where do I start? Yesterday, IS decided that humiliating us is fun. King Xander claimed it to be a tech raid, while IS policy states that tech raiding is limited to 2GAs. Now, what we have seen is IS spying away nukes, launching CM and creating blockades. IS wants us to bend down like worms, sorry, no. We have offered that they pay us 105mill and recognize their Act of War CB-less. They, sadly, rejected.

IS's attempts to humiliate us are unprovoked. IS, by every definition, including spying, launching CMs, blockading and conducting Ground Attacks has declared war on The Crimson Guard. You want us to bend down? No.

CG does not declare, but acknowledges a state of War between CG and IS. We did not start it, but we will fight.

May Francesca have mercy on your souls. Good luck, I used to respect you, Xander.

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