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Empire's stance on World War in Europe.

Colerich Krieg

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Let it be said today on 20 August 2009 that any and all current friendships and treaties with nations who engage in the act of violating any peaceful nations sovereignty are null and void. The Empire will not act on Hipocracy. We have reformed our ways, in ways which to use Militarism for Defensive measures, and Diplomacy for all else.

In the Zero Hour a few days ago, Libyan and Molakian troops marched toward our nation to conquer and murder any and all who opposed them. We will not turn around and hold ties with any nations who attempt to do the same to others.

The Empire recognizes in the early days of our nation, we were arrogant, and hardheaded. We have far since reformed and apologized for all past actions. Part of Reformation is sticking to being progressive and not reverting to old, arrogant ways.

Let it be known we shall revert any friendly ties to neutral immediately in the Austrian conflict until we are forced to do otherwise. We hope nations from both sides understand and respect our stance on the matter.

However we will act also as a Diplomatic buffer and Aid buffer. We offer Health and Food supply aid to any and all countries requesting it from us. However any country that is accused or convicted of committing War crimes against any nation, Aggressor or Defender, will be barred and shunned from our Aid.

This Aid also does not include any Government or Military suppling, Aggressor or Defender. The aid will go to Civilians as casualties of this Brutal war.

Emperor's personnel thoughts to an Assistant. "War in Europe. Again. Monsters, I tell you. The whole lot of them. Austria makes a claim, and now the world is at war. I suspect Nuclear Weapons will be involved soon enough, at which point, we all lose..."

Norman-Krieg Ties shall remain the same, Friendly, ties as they have always been since the Norman Military is currently stationed on Defensive positions.

Dutch-Krieg ties are reverted from Friendly to Neutral since Dutch personnel has crossed into Austrian soviergn territory, until further notice.

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