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Suspension of the Treaty of Lehon

Yuthura Ban

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Be it known,

This day August 20th, 2009 AD,

The Rakatan Imperium hereby gives notice of the suspension and subsequent review by Parliament of the Treaty of Lehon.

A statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was given today on this suspension:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is deeply saddened, as we were with our Dutch comrades, by the Norman decision to take part in this engagement against the HRE. We realize that the lines of clarity and truth have been muddied and blurred by both sides of this conflict. We are committed to the peaceful resolution of all conflicts, and hope to see that our Norman colleagues will reverse their decision. Until then, we have submitted the treaty in question to the Parliamentary committee on foreign relations for review. It has been placed on indefinite suspension until such a point as the committee can determine the future of Norman-Rakatan relations.

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