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OBR award of the Golden Sun

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Gentle Persons of Digiterra

The Order of the Black Rose has made many upgrades to our communications and forums. There have been many hard working people who have put in inordinate hours to bring three forums into one cohesive offering.


A very nice number of you have taken the opportunity to rekindle relations, enjoy a renewed camaraderie or begin a new friendship. The reports from those who have taken the offer to join us have been very pleasing. If you have not yet please take that extra step.

The reality is that with any project of this nature one person ends up being the eyes. ears and hands that oversee all and make the commitment of time and talent that goes way beyond reasonable to ensure that our visitors and members have an experience that is very pleasing.

While the Order of the Black Rose and her sisters Blackwater and the Realm of the Rose recognize internally extra effort, we are not prone to awarding ribbons, metals or awards for the hard work we have come to expect and receive form her members. The work however of one special member needs to be publicly recognized for the truly prodigious effort made to ensure our very pleasing transition to our new forums.

Sgt Major Hamaden of Blackwater

Is hereby Awarded

The Honor of the Golden Sun


-Honor of the Golden Sun; reserved for only the most exceptional achievements.

Not only are his efforts worth recognizing, but this not the first time we have recognized the exceptional efforts of this individual. To receive one such award is outstanding, to receive two is unprecedented.

So join us in congratulating Sgt Major Hamaden of Blackwater


Queen AterAtra

Sir Neboe Knight Protector

Sir Winslow Acting Knight Protector

The Knights Council


Dame Hime Themis

Edited by Hime Themis
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