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The United Netherlands extends an invitation


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Concordia Parvae Res Crescunt

The Republic of the United Netherlands calls upon the Nations of Europe to gather in The Hague.

Many nations must have been flabbergasted and shocked by todays statement by the "Kingdom of Austria" and saw his claims on the nations of Western and Central Europe. Even parts of Italy were included. All our sovereign states are being threatened and even though Emperor-elect Alexander I told the world that he as "Emperor-elect"

" only strive to reunite all its former provinces, from Flanders to Moravia, from Holstein to Tuscia. As with Austria, I wish to unite it peacefully, and without the use of war"
only a fool would be willing to believe that. Our nations have seen Nordland and fought for their freedom and independence

Now another country wishes to turn back the time and therefore it will be small and perhaps insignificant Republic of the United Netherlands, whose neutrality and sovereignty are as much under threat as your national sovereignties, that invites you to gather in The Hague and form up a Grand Alliance against this lethal threat..

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Adviser Dan Donegan, acting as regent for the king until he fully recovers, will attend the meeting. A notification was sent to the Netherlands.

We don't like the sound of the Kingdom of Austria. They believe they have inherited claim of central Europe through a long-dead religious confederation. We will attend this conference.
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Rakata, though not a member of Europe, petitions for it's ability to send a representative. Much of our population routinely visits Netherlands, and we have business and cultural ties to much of Europe.

We would like to welcome both Rakata and Sweden to the conference.

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Den Republiken Normandie, since a chunk of it's land is also directly under thread from this "empire", is going to send Stigandr Fenrisulfr, our Finansminister, to join this conference.

We would like to welcome our most esteemed neighbors to attend the conference. Given the nature of the situation we can understand why the President himself could not attend. These are dangerous times indeed.

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