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The Shadow Government


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(Buenos Aires International Airport, Republic of South America)

Months had passed since the rise of the new Republic a time with little to no contact with anyone outside of the borders, this would change in the future as all elements had been laid for an Empire led by a Pacifist Iron Fist at least pacifist on international matters. While democracy had served the Republic in its infant stage for it to rise they needed more, they needed actions and not words from corrupt politicians, to make this possible preparations had been made. High Command had placed thousands of soldiers at each government building, armed to the teeth and with support from the Republican Guard they could hopefully pull off the coup without problems. Nadine walked into the room filled with generals and the current head of state it was all planned even before the civil war ended and orders was brought back to the southernmost part of America.

“Are all preparations finished?”she asked on which the generals confirmed. “Call your men, Operation: Imperial Union is a go start at midnight” she said looking at the screen, this room was an example on how the new Imperial Union would be, filled with state of the art technology.

As the message was send the soldiers moved to execute the plan with most target being asleep they received a surprise when soldiers entered their houses and rounded them up to be send to the Western Falklands the new prison colony for all opponents of the state, public reasons would be corruption, high treason and espionage with judges not loyal to the new rule already being fired the convictions would be easy and the second stage could initiate where the president officially declared a state of martial law and foundation of a commission which would be known as the Shadow Council, they would soon come with their first measures.

Imperial Act 1:

1. The Republic of South America will be renamed to the Imperial Union

2. A dusk to dawn curfew is now in effect in all major cities

3. All civil rights are suspended until the martial law ends

4. Showing religion in public is prohibited

5. No citizen may have firearms

6. The crimes of murder, $%&@ and theft are punishable by death until the martial law ends

7. No news agency is allowed to broadcast or print anything until further notice

These measures are only temporary and will end as soon as order returns.


The Shadow Council

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