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A Purple Treaty Announcement


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Here at Invicta we think the three-headed dragon dudes over at Hydra are pretty neat, and they love us horses too. So, we got to thinking, "hey, why not sign a treaty?" We put our heads together (that's a lot of heads!) and thought and thought and thought, and then presto, better than the warm chocolate chip cookies your mother made for you when you were 8.

The Undefeated Many-Headed Purple Monster Accords

A Peace, Intelligence, and Aid Treaty between Invicta and Hydra


Once upon a time, the Kent based purple horses of Invicta met a many headed purple monster named only as Hydra. The two, after many lulz and good times, agreed that these times should never end. So, they immortalized this treaty.

Article One

Invicta and Hydra decided that as good friends, they should be nice to each other. Afterall, Horses and Hydras have no reason to conflict with each other, right?

The Horses and the Hydra decided that they shall not attack each other. If in the event that they did forget one night and got into a drunken bash, they would apoligize to each other and pay each other's hospital bills.

Article Two

The two decided that they would never gossip about each other, and if they heard anything about the other, they would inform them.

Article Three

In the event that a threat can catch up to the Horse, or can hurt the Hydra, signatories are allowed to request help from the other party, but are by no means obligated to aid. This holds true whether it be help in a negotiation or money to buy booze. In the event such requested aid is turned down, their friendship shall not end, nor is it grounds for it to do so.

Article Four

The two decided that their friendship would never end. However, if for some reason this treaty had to be ended, they would give the other 72 Hours notice before ending it.

Signed for Invicta:

Jorost of the Triune Republic, President of Invicta, First Lord of the Admiralty, Defender of the Faith, and Keeper of the Privy Seal

Amonra of Sturmriech

Locke of Alestor, Chief of Staff and Minister of Citizenship

Sir Glen of Noumenonopolis, Jedi webMaster extraordinaire

Lord Swampy, Assistant to the President and Historically Documented Badass

Scythegfx Of Anarcasia - El Scorcho, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Rudekker of the Brewtown Empire

ShotgunWilly of Klein Republic, Minister of Finance

Kn1nJa of Soul Society - Minister of IA

Atlashill of Kansouri, Minister of Neighbourhood Development (Also, :wub: Dawny :wub: )

Blazedinacoffin of Greater Yarium, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

Signed for Hydra:

Ligolski - Triumvirate

Hulk - Triumvirate

Firkked - Triumvirate

Jacapo Saladin - Minister of War

DarkEra97 - Minister of Foreign Affairs

TsukasaTheRed - Minister of Internal Affairs

Machesterunitedgod - Director of Finance

Lord Bludd - Director of Recruitment

FrozenFlame - Director of Commerce

Fenrisulfr - Director of Education

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