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Department of Citizen Protection

King Kevz

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Deep within a highly classified base in the Imperial Kingdom of Tasmania a meeting was underway, a meeting about the dire set of events that had swept the globe. Currently standing was the fiery redhead Samantha Black who had her hands out before her gesturing widly towards the main screen display. "Have you all seen the reports yet!!! Mythical creatures appearing, a woman who can fly and who now wields and wears an advanced power suit and giant freaking killer bunny rabbits!!! It is out of control and we have to deal with it!!!".

A middle aged, black man stood up and motioned for Samantha to relax and to sit down. "You are correct Samantha and that is why we have come here tonight. For tonight we will form the Department of Citizen Protection. it will be our job to ensure that these so called "Heroes" see the damage and threat they are causing and are restrained from causing any more havoc" he said to a tunderous applaus from the seated members.

And so it was that geroge Mayhem was put in charge of the Department of Citizen Protection. The first order of business was finding and either purcahsing or building both fast response equipment and weaponary that would disable or kill out of control heroes. Already they had a sizable number of volunteers and as more destruction was caused by the heroes they knew more volunteers would arrive.

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OOC: Well done Razgriz its based on but won't exactly be like the Civil War comics.

IC: With the DCP now officialy formed a number of tasks lay ahead of them, each one being more of less difficult than the others. The first major task was to aquire the needed equipment for 10,000 volunteers who had pledged to help keep these out of control heroes in check, it had been decided that the DCP would use both lethal and non-lethal means of control and so that was why orders were placed for lethal firearms and tear gas and other items. Secondly information was needed and so news reports were collected, phone calls were made and a team of intelligance spooks began to compile a list of known heroes.

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