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Selling Technology


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Team: Aqua

Alliance: The Democratic Order

Nation: Equon

Username: dbrain64

I'm offering: 3 Technology

I expect: $21,600

This trade is open to anyone

Put reason as: Answer to trade request

I sent you a private email regarding this. While some of the larger countries will sniff at your offer, middle range powers like mine get caught in the middle trying to eke out a 10% profit on a tech deal and still maintain our growth rate. You can grow quicker trading tech than any other way possible, but do be careful not to let your eyes outgrow your stomach. I'm in the middle of an enforcement operation on behalf of my alliance against a guy who took the money and ran. Here are the numbers. I have a tech level of 100 and at my level, tech costs me $3400. When I trade off to 50 on a $3 million per 100 tech deal, it goes back to cost only $2500, and ramps up for each tranche of 10 tech. So the average cost of 50 tech is $1,350,000 per delivery, or a total cost of $2,700,000. Now, as long as I am willing to stay at 100 tech, I can do this indefinitely, but sooner or later, I'm going to want to move up the scale. So - think big and remember that bulls and bears make money, but pigs get slaughtered.

Personally, I'm gravitating to the $1.5 million for 50 tech arrangement. It is still the same numbers, but you don't carry so much cash around to risk getting whacked if some thug attacks you. You start on Day 1 and you're done on Day 10. Simple, clean, fair to both parties. Easier on my stressed accounting system, since I'm the guy who's running his economy as a cluster of separate cost/profit centers, and even offering stock deals for those who are so inclined.


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