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Channel Tunnel a possibility ?


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The Channel Tunnel- a possibility ?

Scottish and Dutch scientists to perform a joint-survey.


The Straits of Dover or as the Dutch say "Het Nauw van Kales" (the Narrows of Calais)- at it's narrowst point only 21 miles of water separate Dover (Kent) in Scotland from Kales (Flanders) in the Republic of the United Netherlands. Only 34 kilometers (as said on the continental side) between two nations and at clear days both sides can see the cliffs and houses on the other with the naked eye.

Many have tried to build a tunnel or bridge across. The first schemes are dating back to 1802 but all failed and to this very day the Continent and the British Isles remain separated.

Now scientists from the University of Rijssel (spurred on by the Dutch technological institute TNO) and their Scottish counterparts of the University of Cambridge are digging up the old idea and both governments seem sympathetic. Also Normandie has expressed sincere interest in the plan. But will it work: the bounties are unlimited. Limiting travel-distances between the Isles and the Continent ( traveling from Paris to London now takes a staggering 8 hours, if a tunnel would be build and fitted for a highspeed rail-connection the journey could be brought back to around 4.) and also bringing Scottish commercial might into the very heart of Europe.

The main problems are as off yet of a technological and political nature: the Netherlands does not have all the knowhow and Normandie's stance towards Krieg continues to annoy the Scots but there is light on the horizon as the Scots and Dutch are about to sign a trade agreement that might change the course of European history.

Both governments have already disclosed the terms: limiting border controls and closer cooperation between Dutch and Scottish enterprise. Normandie's participation might be just around the corner- or is it ?

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Norman officials, after hearing of this announcement and the recent studies by Dutch scientists, has found that for Scotland to truly be connected to continental Europe, and for all parties to receive full economic benefit, that the inclusion of Normandy is a large possibility. We hereby are willing to commit any resources needed, and give our full support to this project. As close friends of both the Dutch, and modest ones of the Scots, we view that a chunnel connection to Nyahemstad, or further, to the Cote d'Azur, would be beneficial.

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