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Fark went clubbin, WTF?

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The recent increase of Beer related discussion on Planet has gotten a few alliances thirsty. Some more so than others. Just this last weekend World Task Force and Fark bumped into each other at ye local watering hole. Between a $573.52 bar tab, and waking up in a red roof inn without pants this came up.

The World Task Force, Farkistan Beer Sharing agreement.


Article 1, Drinking

Both World Task Force, Farkistan, and their respective members, recognize the sovereignty of the other. Both alliances and their respective members shall remain civil to each other at all times, especially in public forums and bars. Especially that one place, what's it called... ya know, where everyone knows your name... god what is the name of that place...

Article 2, Drinking...

Neither alliance shall engage in or endorse military action against the other signatory. If a nation is found in violation of this provision, they will be required to offer reparations up to 150% reparations and to pick up the next tab. If black outs occur during said bar tab accumulation, we probably had too good a night to actually care anyway, but feel free to remind one another.

Article 3, More Drinking

Neither alliance will engage in espionage against the other. Especially when it involves that hot blond at the end of the bar. No you can't tell her I threw up in the fourth grade. Remember the bro code.

Article 4, Did we mention drinking.

Should either party take any action, aggressive or defensive, against any alliance or nation not signatory to this treaty, the other party is under no obligation to support or participate, unless so required under other agreements. You're more than welcome to watch on the big screen TV's and yell at the officials for being blind/deaf/stupid/fat and ugly though.

Article 5, Perhaps some drinking was involved.

Should either alliance sober up from all this beer drinking, and decide that some tee totaling is needed, this treaty may be canceled by standing up. That will probably take a good couple of days. Afterwords the cops need to be avoided because of that fence that was hit. And those cows that were tipped. And that case of crabs you picked up from that one chick. And that bouncer you kicked in the balls. While you're doing all that, you probably won't be to worried about each other, so that should be plenty of time to let this thing go.

Finally, signing for the Drinking...

Sleeping with the fat/ugly/geeky chick for Farkistan

Submitter Quadriplegic, afk on appletini's (the heterosexual kind)

Squirrel Dontcareaboutmyid, knocked out by kilo kai while writing this

Speaker of the Council Raving_MainyYak, bombed on bombay sapphire

TotalFark Council Janquel, juiced up on jaeger

TotalFark Council Randomly Jim, Rooficolada (giggity...)

TotalFark Council FireGuy15207, in Soviet Russia, VODKA DRINK YOU!

TotalFark Council ironone being intravenously hydrated after it all

Passed out with heads in toilets for World Task Force

The Alcoholics:

Asa Phillips - Reluctant father figure, part time serial killer and Minister of Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Teh Black Jesus - The crazy uncle that walks on water

The Pub Crawlers:

Augustus Maximillion - Tapper of Kegs and...

Dark Force - Holder of the sacred questions and Weekend Eclectic DJ

The Regulars :

BeerGuzzlers - Barkeep

Bonzo - The Poopsmith

db00 - Beater of the ghost donkey

Elin von der skog - Alliance Paddle Wielder

Emperor Impetus - The Minimum Wage Monster

FISHGUTS - He has BIG Thumbs

forhiller - Drunk Elucidator/Philosopher

GloBoiD - designated drinker

Grigori Rasputin - The Mad Monk, Mystic Advisor, and Used Car Salesman

Guy Debord - White Slave Trader

hueylewis53- Director of Ghost Conspiracy

Kristoff - Fish Monger

manslayer - The hitokiri

Nintendo - Chimichanga Man

P_M - Cuban Revolutionary

Plublius - e-Minister of e-Basement in e-Mom's house

Qyrenh Kalsang - Crazy Straws

radium - Bathroom Attendant and Pretzel Dispenser

Red Taz - Pizza Delivery Driver & designated driver

REDMONSTER- spelchek gurew

Reroll - Cronic Masterbater

Ron Paul - Emperor and Deputy Director of Ghost Conspiracy

Tapley - Lord of the Dance

The Baby - The Breaker of Wind

senatorhung - passed out beside the jukebox

Strider - The Sexy One

WolfShadow - Official C.A.B. of WTF

-Wolverine- - The Doc

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Now here I was thinking that WTF stayed out of politics.

Technically this is, its not a military treaty. They just wub each other alot.

I always did think WTF's flag looked like they'd been out on a night drinking and pulled something tasty. Although if i pulled Fark like this, i dont think i'd be grinning with a i am lame in my mouth....

..... I think i'd be after a STD test and a deep clean washing regime. :lol1:

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Oh................ my aching head..................

Wait! What? WTF?!?

We signed what?

Last thing I remember was it was a typical Council meeting and we were waiting for the pizza to be delivered . . .


We in Fark are excited to have an entire alliance of new drinking buddies. First round is on us! (palms the credit card he lifted from Asa Phillips' pocket.)

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