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Republic Legislation - Directive No. 1

Elrich von Richt

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[ Announcement from the Republic of Normandy (Den Republiken Normandie) ]

[Legislative Action - Republic of Normandy - "Democratic Action Campaign" - Directive No. 1]

As with the recent announcement of democratic reform in Normandy, dubbed the "Democratic Action Campaign" or "Involve the People" by both the populace and government alike, the government of the Republic of Normandy would like to hereby announce that the first reform has been made, processed by legislation, and put into effect. This reform, known as Directive No. 1, is important primarily because it changes the scale of Norman politics. For the existence of the Republic, and it's predecessor Chimaira, the system of factions was used in the Senat. Each ideology or wing had a "faction" within Senat that was represented, contributing to a general unity. However, this effected life in a negative way by not allowing the formation of real political parties, and thus creating no real voice for the nation outside the Chimairan Nationalist Party. With the reformation of the CNP into the Norman People's Party, this directive hereby proclaims the dissolution of the faction system. With the dissolution of this undemocratic, and voiceless system, we hereby state that political parties now have the right to exist in the Republic of Normandy. Although the Troika is led by leaders of the NPP, they hold no true ideological standpoint, as does the rest of the NPP. The purpose of the NPP as a political party is to promote unity, and reform through the people's voice. Through the people, we've learned that more democratic reforms such as this are required to modernize our nation, and end isolationism in full. As of this declaration announcement within the Senat, political parties have already begun to spring up. Examples are the Conservative Party of Normandy, The Norman Green Party, and the Norman Communist Party.

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The Communist Party of Normandy (Normandies Kommunistiska Partiet) would like to thank a fellow comrade for their support.

List of Current Political Parties in Normandy, including Stance and Ideology:

Folkpartiet [People's Party (NPP)] (Center-Left) [Democratic Socialism]

Centerpartiet [Centre Party] (Centrist) [social liberalism, Centrism, Agrarianism]

Kristdemokraterna [Christian Democratic] (Center-Right) [Christian Democracy]

Miljöpartiet de Gröna [Green Party] (Center-Left) [Green Politics]


(Left) [Feminist, Socialist]

Liberalernapartiet [Liberal Party] (Center-Left) [Liberalism, Social Liberialism]

Moderata samlingspartiet [Moderate Party] (Center-Right) [social Conservatism]

Piratpartiet [Pirate Party] (Center-Left) [Freedom of Information, Privacy]

Socialdemokratiska arbetarparti [social Democratic Party] (Center-Left) [social Democracy]

Socialistiska Partiet [socialist Party] (Left) [socialism]

Nationaldemokraterna [National Democrats] (Far-Right) [Nationalism, Ethnopluralism, Third Position]

Kommunistiska Partiet [Communist Party] (Far-Left) [Communism, Marxism-Leninism]

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