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Three Years


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Whoa. What? How the hell have I been playing for three years now!? ...well, technically, it's been three years and a day. Stupid Leap year. <_<

...goddamnit, I feel old.

Three years ago, I joined Cybernations. I rolled Furs and Spices; I had no clue how unlucky I was. I then proceeded to join the Coalition of Dark States. Unlike a lot of others who celebrated their anniversaries, I have never been in a significant government position. I had the pleasure of being part of the foundation, rather than the top tier. As a result, some of you may have never even heard of me before, despite playing all these years.

My alliance career? I fought for the League in the second Great War, and fought for Aegis in the following Great War. I witnessed the beginning of a trend of coups that would befall the CDS. I witnessed the beginning of it's inevitable destruction.

After a period of disinterest and inactivity, I found myself joining The Phoenix Federation, where I still reside today. The Unjust War. The Purging of Norden Verein. The War of the Coalition. I saw all of it, and participated, sometimes mindlessly. The timespan between all of these events were short, yet in the virtual reality we take a part of, it feels like ages have past.

...and here I am today. Do I have regrets? Yes. Would I change it? Never. [Remember to insert a generic comment that talks about how my perspective has changed here.]

Anyways, on to obligatory shout outs!

First of all, I would like to thank all of my former comrades in the CDS. I may not have known some of you well, but you guys made the CDS what it was.

Secondly, to everybody at The Phoenix Federation. I have done more bonding with you guys in the last three months than the rest of my career in the alliance. I can truly call it my home.

Thirdly, to Esau of Isaac and Kenadian_2006. I have them to thank for my addiction to anime.

Lastly, to Nordreich. There isn't much in the way of words in how I can express my view on the past. To put it simply: I hold a deep seated regret. Although I did not directly participate as a nation, I strongly supported the "purges." I know that a few dialogues will not fix our history, and neither will a simple apology suffice. I will do my best to understand you all better.

No, I haven't much in the way of writing skill, but that's okay. Perhaps I am still a grunt, but I am happy with that title. It may change in the future, but not for the moment.

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