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A Disbandment Notice


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A Final Announcement from the Global Defence Initiative.

They always say that good things don't last forever. Everything always comes and goes, is born and dies, and change is the only constant in the world. Not even the dedication of myself and several other members on the GDI could put us immune from that.

See, the thing is...the second GDI was never actually all that great. Sure, we had better statistics on the charts, through better recruitment tactics, growth programs, and trade systems. But in all reality, the integrity of the alliance was virtually none. The government activity of the alliance was virtually none. I pushed some to strive for monthly goals established, to no avail. Try as I might, GDI was an internal headache that some days I simply felt like dumping. And yes, the PR wars were terribly staggered as well.

There were some things that always gave me hope to push on, however. The support from the GDI-tF war was an incredible change from the normal bias and mindless anti-GDI propaganda, and made me realize that...maybe there was hope. The "RyanGDI" thread started by Lordliam, discussing about my character and competence, allowed people to seriously speak up and give their true opinions. I realized that the whole world wasn't against me, and that there were people out there with better ideas of what things were like than most.

Then came the VE-GDI war. Allow me to draw the line right now: this war is not responsible for our disbandment. I do not wish to see a mob of people storming Viridia saying "ZOMG YOU DESTROYED AN ALLIANCE! DIE DIE DIE!" and etc. The VE-GDI war...was actually a help towards solving the GDI crisis. It marked the inactives, it pressured the weak-hearted into surrendering or deserting, and it showed sheer incompetence of some others (I mean this in no offensive way, however our recruitment policies were so badly slacked, it's scary. Almost.). However, most importantly it allowed me to see the ones that had true dedication to the alliance. It showed me who was willing to go to the ends of war to see to our safety, and to stand in defense of the alliance. The ones that were active, and the ones that I could trust. This allowed me to re-group them, and create an effective core team that will be joining me in the departure. If it wasn't for the VE-GDI war, I would have been dragging behind other members that would have been either unloyal, or would simply sway at the first sign of danger. For that, I actually thank Viridia.

Good things come and go, yet in the end, GDI survived its purpose. When I first started, all I had wished for was a regular, steady alliance with decent size, and for it to be successful. And indeed it was. Yes, perhaps under not-so-likable conditions, however they were conditions at heart. And like pretty much everything else in the world, when something's served its goal, it's put away. When you use a gas pump, you put it back and drive away once your tank is filled to the desired amount. When you eat a bagel, it's gone when it's served the purpose of giving you energy. When you use a pencil, it becomes useless when you've used it for too long and run out of lead. The alliance has simply found its aging point, like the gas pump, the bagel, and the pencil. And now, it's respectfully deceased.

The Global Defence Initiative hereby disbands from the bindings it has been united by on this date of August 20, 2009 at 12:16 AM.

(PS: Due to time constraints and being extremely busy, the awards ceremony for people who have shown allegiance and/or dedication, and our members that have shown heart will occur in the next 1-2 days. I apologize for this delay.)

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This isn't a disbandment notice, this is an announcement of a name change, isn't it? Since you have formed and are leading Task Force Alpha, which is made up of GDI members...

Whatever. I can't really be bothered trying to wrap my brain around yet more RyanGDI antics.

He said in #Ve that it would be GDI 2.0. tbh they basically are changing names.

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People already got to what I wanted to say. <_< But I'll say it anyway.

1) VE, you caused GDI to disband, you evil, vile, despicable monsters.

2) When do you reroll and become RyanTFA? :lol1:

No, I will not become RyanTFA. Seriously. :psyduck:

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